45 year old Qu Ying finally relented: married this year

Married Qu Ying Zhang Yadong Ye Yiqian

tengxunyule· 2016-07-20 17:29:35

and Qu Ying Zhang Yadong (information)

Tencent entertainment news the day before, Qu Ying guest Ye Yiqian hosted a program, in the face of Ye Yiqian's kindness "forced", and "this year it again and again". It is reported that

, Qu Ying and musician Zhang Yadong began dating in 2005, has been 11 years, but two people had not married. The reason for marriage, Qu Ying had participated in the program when he said: "without force, without an oath, a Zhang Zhengming, and can also reach old age together. "

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