World War ii! Taylor qiajia Kardashian couple, has reached the point of explosion


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Taylor and James romance now sweet to every corner of the world, whether you are willing to see in short, now is the day to see their child dog.

but is the so-called character conservation law, how happy you have to bear much of the pain, which is not, Taylor and Kanye and Kardashian suddenly burst The network fighting, really let people see the ignorant "~

two days watching Kardashian and Taylor tore the hip after World War II, Europe and the United States have lamented the ring It is the conscience, who not only love songs exposed flesh, have to roll up the sleeves to tear the hips squalling, fully meet the people who eat melon burning gossip of the heart

next line for everyone about Taylor and Kardashian's this drama

things originated at the beginning of this year a new song by Kanye Famous, with the lyrics" the feeling I have and Taylor hey hey hey, I let the little bitch hit fame, also "is this song sparked a bloody battle for half a year style= max-width: 100%; min-height:

" Kanye "popular spots: the full name of Kanye Omari West, Kim Kardashian's husband, musician and design, is also a can to the main

Kanye last year the most sensational masterpiece is said to campaign in 2020 the president of the United States

is surprised by the United States government spokesman

so a news who can always hype a big news, not to mention to taylor.

Kanye and Taylor is actually a long grudges of

is the most famous event in 2009 VMA to grab the microphone, Taylor MTV award, Kanye to grab the microphone said should be Beyonce prize see style=

this move to All people terrified, even in Taiwan under the Beyonce look dumbfounded "max-width: 100% min-height:

Taylor who was just a rookie ~

at that time not to tear the Taylor Forced Perry, on twitter for Taylor baobuping

2015 Grammy award Kanye Taylor and shook hands. The

but again this year because of a blatant insulting lyrics tear blush

single from Kanye wrote the lyrics saying hey hey hey Also, use "bitch" to call Taylor, is really too ah, no wonder a lot of people denounce Kanye

Taylor PR" tree aunt "response, Kanye did not come to seek the lyrics agree, but requires Taylor the technician on twitter, Taylor paid no attention to the words"

subsequently, Taylor in the year Grammy prize also said a few fried chicken inspirational words, sounds mean.

biased opinion of course at this time as can be imagined, Taylor shoes, after all, Kanye relates to insulting to women, while the victim Taylor took to defend the dignity of women self inspiring banner, full of positive energy wood with

and Kanye goose, a vegetarian wife Kardashian

people; American entertainment celebrity, that figure is walking "fengrufeitun" style, bold and vigorous, which made it a "

words Shoushou of all of Kardashian's impression, in that a Chanticleer hip

sorry, is incapable of action aesthetic

Kardashian eager to protect her husband, firepower, in an interview with GQ magazine, she said to agree with the Taylor and Taylor shame her husband also accused of playing the victim

also said that they have video call, Taylor there sent a lawyer's letter

here; rhetoric has brought Taylor criticism here:" since even Taylor not aware of the recording, how could they know the video call? "Kardashian is not sure what, but she thought it might be your side there is a mole......

Taylor and then this response did not know" bitch ", when you hear it and feel shame

thought this thing is so tore tore past, never thought a Kanye Do two endlessly unexpectedly also released the MV Famous ultra large scale video...... Taylor wax dummies sleep in Kanye around

look at this map, Taylor, Kim Kardashian, and George W. Bush trump Heranzailie (though many of them are to substitute" max-width: 100% style=

sings the lyrics of that sentence, the picture is to stand by there was

this really is a kind of brain hole and force Tao Tao?!

Kanye is Xiao Zhang Di said: I am waiting for you to tell me"

Kardashian then fired directly, said Taylor is a golden age in the reality show on the white lotus! Win the attention also to create images of victims......

note that this is a prelude to the front, more high energy

Real hammer, Kardashian broke the Taylor and Kanye video call, that Taylor knew the words of" Famous

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