This VR treadmill to tell you, how to fight in the two square meters of space ye war"

How space running machine

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virtual game you seven into seven

abstract; under the helmet you still own a small living room" "

from the virtual reality company Oculus Rift Facebook $2 billion acquisition of SONY MORPHEUS, to launch a virtual reality helmet, to HTC and VALVE to create a VIVE head mounted display and LIGHTHOUSE solutions, virtual reality is seen for the future direction of development of science and technology, set off a boom in the world.

domestic virtual reality capital with the help of the rapid development, inevitably, someone took the opportunity to pulled a fast money, but there are also people who do heavy products focus on the heart," VR KAT is its peripherals company Medium one.

KATVR Hangzhou is Virtual Technology Co. Ltd., established in 2013 ;" >2015, VR is a company with independent R & D capabilities of peripherals. R & D field has virtual reality interaction, human engineering, human engineering, motion capture technology, etc.. The only one virtual reality treadmill, "KAT WALK from the company, commonly known as " "VR treadmill" , landing Kickstarter last year launched to raise the public, won the "max-width: style= span" vertical-align: baseline; color: 100%; RGB (255, 76, 0); box-sizing: important; word-wrap: border-box! Break-word! Important; "> million yuan. The company at the beginning of this year by the million Angel round of financing by , nine venture capital investment led, star Yuan capital and investment capital with gold complex.

7 15, KATVR held exchange in Beijing, the company CEO Chen Pang Announced the production and delivery of the message, and officially launched the new product KAT SPACE<; "/span> and commercial product based solutions. KAT SPACEKAT style="; WALK upgrade edition, KATVR product design originated from a military simulation training project, the R & D team found a lot of project results can be directly applied to Commercial scene

but to understand the new KAT products, but also from the beginning:

VR content of three parts of the most important interactions are vision, hands and displacement . VR head significantly solve the visual problem; hand controller completed the hand interaction; and the space displacement solutions, at present, is divided into two kinds of custom space and infinite space program.

customized solution space is also called" max-width: " big space ", can let a person in a certain space (custom space walk) However, its problem is obvious: "

space needed high cost (so called "space");

! People wearing helmets on, because you can't see the real world, causing distrust of the space walk effect of immersion; margin-top: 2px; p>

immersive virtual world and then to fall in the real space, such as the risk of collision.

" small space program ", KAT team earlier launched VR KAT WALK"; the treadmill using only two square meters small space, displacement can be achieved in the virtual world of infinite space.

jumping squats, virtual combat

throughout the country KAT, WALK is the American company Virtuix Omni and Austria Cyberith Virtualizer company after the world's third listed VR running machine, is the only virtual reality omnidirectional treadmill.

game player to wear special shoes with a pulley, walking on a treadmill concave, concave design can not only ensure the people will not be out of the scope of customization in mobile, but also meet the people focus on walking on the next move, the displacement in the virtual world more real sense. In addition, a shaft connected to the belt, is the premise to protect the safety of the game player, can make the real chop, waving, picking, beat action, walk, run, lower limbs kick action will not be restricted or collide with the equipment.

; at the same time, with the other VR treadmill requires the user to remain standing posture is different," KAT WALK


, compared to KATWALK, KAT SPACE made a lot of improvements:

performance , independent of support structure and open design support natural walking, running and jumping, squatting, wait for multi degree of freedom movement, action limit low. No collision, winding and fall risk, more secure than reality;

industrial design , KATVR teamed up with the famous industrial design team Rococo, traction system with automatic elastic recovery, meet the needs of different users body height, without manual adjustment;

abandon! The traditional game only uniform walking and running two poses, by walking speed of the linear input, independent acquisition vision, hand and body toward the three parts of the data, to achieve independence the visual and physical orientation, consistent to the real environmental action criterion.

; then this upgraded treadmills have not reached the effect? Bond sister and share the feelings of their own experience after.

first, to replace the wheeled shoes, walked carefully to "treadmill" (fall), belt and sensor is completed with the help of the staff. Finally put on HTC VIVE helmet (sister always think state helmet is too heavy, almost human! Even VIVE HTC, a long time on the pressure of the nose breathing is not smooth.

walking on a treadmill at and we usually walk normally is not the same, need a period of time to adapt, generally first experience to 5-10 minutes to complete the process of adaptation. KAT technology partners told state coffee sister, KAT treadmill sensor latency is less than 0.5 "s , sister state in the process of experience feeling sensing speed can also be turn, turn delay sense is not strong, no sense of vertigo.

belt part is not too comfortable, very immersive experience. State sister height 163cm, weight 45kg, waist 62cm, belt design is too thick, bang sister have always been put with the feeling, squat down and action cannot be completed. masculine, later will have experience better products experience Museum exhibition in Beijing (whether you go or not. Bang sister must go to play)

from commercial customers into the market, enhance the quality of experience

; according to Pang Chen, KAT SPACE fit all VR helmet equipment, is currently working with HTC VIVE, continuously updated games, visual touch screen operating system, professional customer service technical support system, a plug-in is packaged into virtual reality commercial solutions for KAT PLAY, including VR for offline experience hall, video City, and other commercial Internet cafes customer sale. This set of commercial solutions now has been on sale, the sale amount is close to 500, "max-width: vertical-align: baseline; color: 100%; RGB (255, 76, 0); box-sizing: important; word-wrap: border-box! Break-word! Important;" > pricing is expected in 50 thousand to 60 thousand between , currently only for ; China Business sales of , Q3 quarter will be able to ship.

full set of current commercial solutions to the virtual reality game scene as the starting point, KATVR has dozens of domestic and foreign game companies have reached a cooperation. At the same time its business solutions not only applied to the game, but also can be extended to other industry applications, such as security training, virtual home improvement, virtual real estate, etc..

as VR peripherals, Pang Chen said, the company will provide the late gun shell, pike butt and recoil of the auxiliary equipment and so on a series of VR increase the immersion of the various peripheral products.

Pang Chen and CTO Wang Bo are" severe virtual reality lovers "," our CTO is a Virgo house, "Pang Chen smiled and said," " so some things should not act with undue haste. Although this year VR looks more fire, but many people still remain in the concept of VR consumption phase. For example, last year, a lot of people will not VIVE HTC operation and build, after a year of popular science learning process, we are more skilled operation, this year released products, the time has just been good."

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