How is the figure? Li Xiaolu films changed every minute Roasted Duck

Li Xiaolu minutes roast duck figure

wangyiyule· 2016-07-20 19:52:54

Li Xiaolu

entertainment NetEase reported on July 20th July 20th in the afternoon, Li Xiaolu drying out their location in the micro-blog pictures, and with the text said: "the film, a special &hellip I am going to Beijing; &hellip … guess …

;" photos of Li Xiaolu a head of long hair shawl, wearing sunglasses, a black suit with waist bottom, stature is very hot. And she is behind the sky cloudless, the sun is very strong, no wonder she shouted themselves to become Beijing specialty -- Roasted Duck!

users have to point praise: "Li Xiaolu's humor Roasted Duck, then with a little sweet sweet color, very good. "" should be Wuhan Specialty: week coot. "Now Beijing is under heavy rain, there are also netizens commented:" you are not filming in Beijing Oh, if the location in Beijing, will be soaked through. "

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