Foreign media attention to the South China Sea fleet to add another 2 tons of supply ship

South Sea fleet supply ship million tons media attention

cankaoxiaoxi· 2016-07-20 19:59:34

map: Honghu ship

original title: media attention the South China Sea Fleet adds 2 10000 ton supply ship: help to safeguard the sovereignty of the

Reference News Network July 20th Taiwan media reported that due to the strategic situation in South China Sea arbitration after liberation. In the Honghu ship and ship supply ship has two Luoma Lake on July 15th officially in the South China Sea fleet.

Taiwan in July 19th when the electronic newspaper quoted "Jane's Yearbook" reported that the two supply ship has served the ceremony in July 15th in Guangdong province Zhanjiang naval base at completion. Hull number 963 Honghu ship and 964 "Luoma Lake" ship, is the eight ship Navy new type 903 marine transport ship in seventh and eighth ships. At the same time, Honghu ship and Luoma Lake "ship is since 2011, fifth and sixth ships built at Hudong Zhonghua shipyard in Guangzhou and 903A type marine transport ship.

according to Hongkong's "Ming Pao Daily News website reported on July 19th, following the China designed manufacturing 052D missile destroyer Yinchuan ship into the column, the South China Sea fleet of 4 ships Chinese most advanced warships, 15, Chinese designed new offshore supply ships Honghu ship, ship and Luoma Lake" in the South China Sea fleet, the South China Sea Fleet task execution capability has been further expanded offshore. Two twenty thousand ton supply ship, usually the main task with the formation and execution of naval voyage to join, wartime maritime maneuvering formations, the ship with fuel, fresh water, the implementation of food, ammunition and other comprehensive supply; this will effectively enhance the China offshore operations support naval combat capability, play an important role in safeguarding national sovereignty and maritime rights and interests.

reported that in May this year, Honghu ship has been in the South China Sea Fleet organization sea military exercise in Xisha, Nansha, South China Sea, India ocean, West Pacific waters to carry out comprehensive supply conditions of combat drills, provide logistical training for fleet, actual inspection equipment performance.

reported that the Honghu warship and the Luoma Lake "ship is 903 type comprehensive supply ship, with a displacement of over 20 thousand tons, is Chinese to design the new ocean supply ships production, hull number (ship number) were 963, 964. The two ship with a more advanced technology China replenishment at sea, with horizontal and vertical, three-dimensional recharge function, at the same time as the supply of different types of naval ships, with ocean supply ability and on the sea, the air defense combat capability.

according to reports, at present, China has a total of 903 type 8 integrated supply ship, which, the East China Sea fleet, the South China Sea fleet of 3, the Beihai fleet 2.

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