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The ultimate art to the music hall life

Art music hall

guangheshuzi· 2016-07-20 20:52:49

The collision of

projection technology and classical music, has produced a cross-border cooperation, the ultimate art

SIM/NEBULA and the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra brings the music hall projection 360 full package for us, enjoy the elegant classical music in this environment, as if you are inside the music box, on the walls of each a brick seemed to feel the music, have a soul. />

we are to appreciate the ultimate work of Art (please watch in the environment of WIFI


to more exciting light and digital" dry cargo warehouse "to view the

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please go to the" feelings of original "we do see what

address: Beijing stone Jingshan Hill District Yangzhuang Street Shougang Special Steel Factory hospital built West Fu International Workshop 3

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main business: provide digital image of the creative design, implementation and system integration services, digital innovation and focus on science and technology and the car brand conference fields.

light; and digital (light-digital)

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