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wangyiyouxi· 2016-07-20 22:27:05

DOTA2 just China western circle Corps will care about their beloved American marines to lay the altar at the lineup in Chinese DOTA2 team. If you always pay attention to foreign betting odds on the site, the Chinese team is often underestimated the strength of foreign DOTA2 fans, which is likely to mean that the region's DOTA2 development into a blind spot.

a lot of people believe that the Chinese team in the lineup of the lack of diversity, but the fact is not the case. China's lineup system is much richer than the United States and europe. Although now away from the TI6 international tournament, there are a few weeks, the United States and Europe fans are not optimistic about the LGD, Newbee, VG.R and Wings four Chinese teams. But the four tiger Chinese has the strength of 8, even Newbee and Wings are expected to break into the top 4 or even go farther.

due to misunderstanding, language, cultural differences and so on, so that the DOTA2 fans are difficult to get a good understanding of each team's own and their ideas from the Chinese media and interviews. Time and area also limits the Chinese contest attention, such as the upcoming PGL legendary masters and Nanyang recently ended S2 cup. Want to fly the clothes outside game player ideas have been delayed to dispel. But

China division is an important division of DOTA2 occupation circle, understanding the differences between the China clan is the study of the odds, foreign fans learning experience, analysis of the key. In the TI6 international tournament, you support the team is bound to fight with the Chinese team. In 2014, China team has been a popular one bit extreme farm four Paul tactics (represented by BurNIng), this model in the Alliance style push is defenseless. Snowball tactical Newbee team the same year to top off TI4 aegis.

earlier, Chinese Corps will try to use just three tactics, with three addition of the Chinese ice clan, for example: Ban BP (Tactical captain direct to disable time consumed, not disable any hero. Now the team has Chinese

) have evolved different styles, such as Wings on the line to shorten the period of tissue Gank and Newbee together; 30 minutes to control the rhythm. Chinese team hero pool is not the same, the strong period is also different, which is the result of their tactical style. Many times, the Chinese top team lineup and the European team lineup is very different. In the past few months, OG and Liquid commonly used in the top three heroes have two heroes are the same. And the top three OG teams are commonly used in the Liquid team hero list of the top 8. Compared with Newbee and Wings in Nanyang cup S2 final version 6.88 of their top 8 common heroes and only one is repeated. If you take this to the TI6

four Chinese team before the 8 common heroes listed contrast words, you will find only 7 heroes appear more than 1 times, and only void is four teams will be used. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" even if the selected lineup is similar, but the style of play is very different. Take LGD and VG.R as an example, the two teams will use void, ancient giant God and Slack, the average time was 33 minutes of victory. But LGD often show their toughness in the wind, the game long stable; while the VG.R will focus on promoting, just seize the opportunity when they kill, playing time is difficult to estimate. Note: the blue label repeat hero

VG.R typical tactics is the fairy culture as the core of a monster Carry play in the middle reach the final effect. The average assists in the VG.R team is the lowest, while the average KDA is almost two times as much as the rest of the team.

on the other hand, LGD has the highest average team assists, because of the rapid war and participation in Gank domineering ability. LGD tend to aggressive play by Maybe storm and September Cuenca attack, transformation of economic advantages, this approach is higher than their head in front of the defense effect. This is why LGD's rivals will Ban off September's hidden thorn.

Newbee and Wings have very deep hero pool, but the average length is Newbee win in more than 40 minutes, and 36 minutes long when failure. For Wings, the situation is the opposite, the average length of time to win in 34 minutes, when the failure is 35 minutes long. Wings under the

novel play, it appears that the Newbee strategy is more conservative. Fast to the stifling offensive rhythm in March to Wings in addition to Newbee opponent defenseless. In July two teams of Nanyang cup S2 final confrontation, the final BO5 Wings wants to lend its meaning not by surprise, but they are under the same lineup is mediocre. If the Nanyang Cup final is BO3, Wings is likely to more than 2 to 1 victory over Nebwee.

a few foreign teams to break down Wings break, that means a few foreign teams can compete with Newbee. Even if OG and Liquid can be in 15 to 20 minutes to organize a wave of attacks, the attack failed once the advantage will be ruined.

for the Newbee team, they win many times from ChuaN hate attracted the attention to the auxiliary body of rival ChuaN, let Hao have development space, coupled with Mu's aggressive style of play to the late transition. The use of Mu logging machine, Death Prophet, dragon knight and Chinese division with the highest GPM (Mu for the frequent use of the alchemist fight rather than pure farm) is a Newbee victory. The

TI International Invitational may make up for CDEC at TI5 domineering runner up regret. And the VG.R team's FY to be able to re TI on the stage once again to prove their strength. Wings although no one has been in the top four players in the TI, but the other three teams have at least two. Class= img_box "

now Newbee is considered to be the world's top three strength of the DOTA2 team. If they win the TI6 Championship they are double, they will be the first Chinese team winning the two TI championship, while Hao, ChuaN and Mu will become the two winner of the TI.

although the odds are very high, but only one of China's first, and even the world's first. Chinese team won the TI championship is not impossible, they are from China's pride, the pride of Sean DOTA.

original translation: PCG Onono Imoko

Author: vino

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