The new toy from the helicopter to the powder: Transformers equal to anything

Toy Transformers helicopter

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this summer, you only know" Pokemo Go "so many Indoorsman out the door, but do not know, another successful toy circle powder a bunch of" outdoor control "house home. When you go the street catch when small dragon, people are busy making the plane home! That's right, build a plane! And a happy, but also make a tank shoot down the plane, you feel down

Jimu robot , a completely A robot made by yourself. by clever build free programming, let you have the exclusive robot and the myriads of changes just listen to your command.

Jimu MeeBot and Animal Add-On robot kit series, has landed more than 500 global Apple Store stores and online mall, and only in Apple's exclusive sales!!

when most want to go to the playground is

it can actually" deformation "into a playground in the


big pendulum

even the movie is Transformers

all before you move to play with you

and Jimu technology can be said to be a robot, true childhood, countless fantasy" Lego game player will move the blocks "dream, no wonder that so many fans are eager to. Robot toys, although the high technology content, but in fact it is also very easy to play the game.

Step1 App Jimu": through the built-in 3D dynamic construction drawings

Jimu easily assemble robot

Step2: to control the robot through Jimu App The action of

free programming and create a" different action and form "

you need to make a robot movement and

buddies and fun playing a robot wars

and required technology of Jimu robot innovation concept has long been praised all the blocks, but for you want to start a game player who pays more attention to the positive or its playability is high. Below, on the difficulty of the coefficient for the two stars MeeBot for everyone to explain.

1. officially entered the building before, according to the Jimu App model is set up instructions, first list of necessary components (which can help you save time looking for many components in the process of building

2. MeeBot "model, the main assembly parts

3. "MeeBot" clothes, to modify the appearance of the parts (of course for beauty, you can also spend more time, the exposed cable hidden

1." MeeBot "! With the mobile phone or tablet computer connected in Jimu App directly in the control of the built model. There are mainly two kinds of control mode, one is "play" two "action,"  

2. "action" can let Jimu play, the machine directly to make App the default action (of course, you can also customize the action programming of Jimu robot through the way of visualization)

3." remote control ", based on the programming (App own or custom) on the basis of each button on the remote control is a specific action. In order to achieve a variety of Jimu robot action

" MeeBot "model with the type of action is very much

completely can also give it a self-made Hawaii hula

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if you give yourself Jimu robot made a hula dance, then it may be the design and program of your share to the online community. Here, you can tell the world of the Jimu robot enthusiasts to share and exchange ideas on the Jimu robot.

; overall, Jimu robot technology and required playability is very high. As a toy building blocks, the player is more willing to spend time in the process of building, in order to enjoy more fun. In addition to the models provided by the official, you can also try to continue to innovate and create other robots, challenging the difficulty of programming action. However, due to more parts, you need to build up all the fight, so it is recommended to do the required parts ready to work. Because the focus is on the construction of fun, but if all the time spent looking for accessories, such as the play can be greatly discounted.

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