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recently, a group of friends in the group to share their occupation experience: 94 years of graduation, the first fund management in foreign invested enterprises, then contact management accounting, start budgeting and analysis become treasurer; second units of state-owned enterprises, in some ERP and listed the work relatively free, CPA exam; is currently serving as chief financial officer in a foreign company.

we think this is a very typical financial growth path, especially @ he made a written interview, the following is that he is very honest and pragmatic share:

1, in this work, ask yourself, whether dealing with the digital

I think a lot of people the answer is: not very love, but the financial work seems relatively stable, work is relatively hard to find, so choose a financial. I think this reason, or reasonable, but need to make it clear, do not like the work is difficult to make a contribution to the.

maybe, some people want to do a temporary financial, have the opportunity to do some things they like. However, the problem is, determine the characteristics of financial people, doing this for a long time, so people will tend to become somewhat cautious, conservative.

, of course, not all of them are, but most of them will be in this way. The so-called male fear into the wrong line, or a good consideration before deciding as well.

2, if you really love the financial work, you need to choose where

is usually the financial sector reached a certain level, will be divided into 5 areas, namely: the accounting department, the budget department, financial department, department and the internal control department cost. Different departments have their own characteristics, it is difficult to say what is good or bad, according to their own personality to choose.

, of course, not every business is so detailed division of labor, but these functions are a perfect financial system necessary, do not think that the financial work is a simple accounting work.

3, the financial threshold is not high, many people can engage in any professional

as a school of science and technology, economy class people, after about half a year of training, with simple business basically no problem. Even better than those who learn the financial. So I often joke with my colleagues say: "you have a sense of crisis, and now able to finance more than sweep the road! "

, however, the industry to achieve a high level of talent, but very difficult, very difficult! First of all, as mentioned above, if you do not have a very good feeling, then you will never reach the realm of financial experts.

I used to be the boss of Hongkong, the 3 of us spent 5 days time, gave him to do almost more than and 50 pages of the. But he took less than 20 minutes, is keen to point out, a lot of data between the relationship and after contradictory part. In the meantime, he almost did not use a calculator, that is, with the brain and feel judged. Though the boss is very strict, but we sincerely admire him, even his enemies -- China's chairman and he extremely appreciate (due to joint venture relationship is not good, so every time the board always part, and my boss is the director). The chairman of the meeting of the group in their face, many Chinese executives once said: "you guys, if a person has a foreign board half skill, then I fuck to kowtow! "I think that when a person can even admire the opponent, then this person is very successful. Obviously, my boss is obviously the number of people flowing in the blood.

4, financial work is relatively less sense of accomplishment of the work of

because of its Input and Output is not a very proportion of. You can feel your Input, but you don't feel Output - many financial people work overtime every day, but if someone asks you what you do, you'll feel very difficult to answer. Because you said, others do not understand and understand!

sales staff can say, I sold a number of things this month; the production staff said, I have done a number of over; QA

staff can be said to reduce the number of adverse rate; but we do? Said: the completion of the report is very smooth? Taxes this month is not a problem? What is the reason for this month's loss?

so, you need to do the job force, need more loneliness!

5, financial work pressure is a great

this pressure, from the Deadline, from the depth of the analysis, from the free on the edge of the policy. There is a saying that the fairness of being late is not fair, too.

this is why so many "cousins" who work overtime every day, if you have 1 months to last month's report out, or the analysis report, although is very informative and accurate, but not any help on business!

we will from the major companies in the recruitment of advertising can be seen "under, high press working", it can be seen that the financial staff to bear the pressure is not produced in general! The analysis is the same as the financial, financial analysis is not a fixed pattern, also not very technical rigid standards, so do your analysis of the many people can challenge, that is to say a bunch of people with your backseat driver! This will make you feel depressed.

at the same time, the financial policy is very strong, you have to comply with accounting standards, tax law you have to abide by. Although you have a very high level, but the various documents, legal or messy regulations are explained by law enforcement personnel, so you will be careful, will certainly make mistakes or go in mistakes on the edge.

no matter how good your usual performance, if the law enforcement authorities fined, then your boss's face is certainly very ugly. If you don't want your boss to embarrass you, then you have to with the industry and commerce, taxation, customs, safe, a gang of "bad ass" hit the hot point for many people, this is very painful!

6, the financial needs of lifelong learning

course, now it seems that no line is not to learn, but now Chinese in various regulatory improvement process, so all kinds of economic policy change is very frequent, if not timely updates, so you can not keep up with the times.

for example, now the new release of the latest accounting standards, from the beginning of the 07 years to implement, and every year to amend. Light is this, it is enough for you to study for a period of time! Again, if you work in the United States enterprises or listed companies in the United States to work, then you need to know about the Enron and WorldCom events, the requirements of SEC Sarbanece-Oxley act. Together with the various Chinese and foreign exchange law is a lot of "notice", "reply", "XX letter" of the way, their own logic and consistency is very poor, and the law enforcement officers reply varies from person to person.

so, you have to first understand yourself, and then there may be no reason to be deducted from the big hat, to justify. The most disgusting place in China's law enforcement agencies is that they never give you any advice in writing, so if you are vague, it may bring a lot of damage to the company.

7, the application of financial software is the trend of the

financial software applications is the trend, especially large enterprises is the case. However, your mind and brain are not in time to keep up, then you will feel helpless in the face of these software! Because

software is not simply replace your manual work, but contains many advanced management concept, internal control mechanism, which is why so many Chinese enterprises adopt ERP, reason but failed.

if the company's management philosophy has not been updated in a timely manner, the determination of change is not so strong, so good ERP software is almost a burden! Especially complex ERP software such as SAP, the general enterprise is not used. Our company just started to use the SAP is also very painful, almost over 1 years, we just think this thing is really good, what things are not separated from it.

give a simple example. Our company in order to improve the credibility and competitiveness of the company, the provisions of the 10 day of the month by the online bank to pay all the purchase price of a month. This thing, many people are opposed, think something must be paid, and some people think that the customer doesn't account for active payment is stupid and so on.

however, the management is determined very strong, unified payment benefits in many aspects: firstly, he put an end to the purchase or finance departments abuse leeway; secondly, to facilitate the realization of the cash demand; thirdly, can raise the price of bargaining chips, finally, establish a good image of the company. This promotion after a period of time, we now feel that the effect is very good! Before always said that the accounting is the older the more valuable, but now it is the older the more worthless!

8, financial work requires savvy

finally want to talk about the perception of financial work. Remember in college, the teacher said, "there must be a loan, the loan must be equal", the feeling is too abstract. However, after the actual contact work, and gradually realize the secret.

so many complex business with a simple "borrow" and "loan" to cover the same nature of "Yin" and "Yang", computer language "1" and "0", the world go "black" and "white" are strikingly similar. Often love to those who have 1-2 years of work experience candidates ask

when I interview: "why on the balance sheet and income statement on the subject subject without a overlap, but the cumulative profit of two and will be the same? Why is the cash flow statement is a very important table? "Why are many large enterprises with EVA to assess the results rather than profits? "Wait for a problem. Through answers to these questions, it is easy to see that a person has no financial savvy and spirituality.

hope this experience, the financial work of the people who have a little bit of help!

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