The more dirty clothes, the original is the lack of this "stuff"!


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thank you to this article points to open the tail, first of all, the text before the start, first look at some parameters of this TCL washing machine:

model: XQB85-9005S
Color: bright silver

Motor: induction motor

energy efficiency rating: 2

box material: PCM in

Display: LED

size: 556*566*915 in this article The first is not very easy, because the family did not pick up, is very messy, after more than a week to travel back home, saw the gigantic TCL XQB85-9005S pollution free washing machine stopped in the middle of the room is very shocking.

11 ""

wake up in the morning, sunny, could not help but give it to take some photos.

quietly opened the music, his ears: "washing machine, dressed in a faded, plastic acrylic sitting on the balcony from the sun, wind and rain".

" data-brushtype= "text" style= "color:#FFFFFF" > the current mainstream classification and identification of domestic washing machine:
; washing machine: you look down at the
drum washing machine; you squat down to see him

today our protagonist TCL XQB85-9005S can be seen from the appearance of the washing machine is an important parameter in all aspects, give you emphasize that volume is a lot of people choose an important standard room of the washing machine is so big, cannot put the washing machine put the living room, but it is a headache for washing machine size but also to some extent determines the number of objects to be washed Less).

decoration must take into account is that the door wide, wide stairs, open the door direction!!! This sentence is the key! This directly affects the impact you can buy this washing machine! If you really want to buy after reading but also found that can not enter the door, please unload the door or window, hanging upstairs thank you.

: the inlet valve back, right above the
< outlet: the right side of the fuselage, rear
energy efficiency grade: 2

! Note: energy efficiency rating is divided into 1-5

said 1 grade energy-saving products Has reached the international advanced level, the lowest energy consumption;

many people will feel "good enough", in fact, in my opinion, as long as it does not affect the normal use, the function is better than nothing, who knows what the future would you not? Then, through several days of experience, I put it roughly:

"a" dewatering press for 3 seconds, directly start the single dewatering program, the total fixed time is 8min;
" + level lock function key quick wash over 3 seconds start the same way to relieve, to prevent children mistakenly touch injury;
"program" the default setting for common program, according to the clothing material, washing and dirty degree, choose
; "energy saving" health according to the demand, more intimate, quiet washing effect, light sterilization;
the water level " provides 10 file level selection, or even separate cleaning two pairs of socks, can save water;

reservation function" easy to go home in the middle of the night, clothes thrown into the washing machine would like to sleep at ease a small partner, but also to avoid the middle of the night to wash out the embarrassment of the morning. Appointment optional range 2-24 hours.

may be part of the tail after reading that no harvest in advance with these friends say I have to feel shy. , the use of experience has too much subjectivity, it is recommended to experience the experience of their own, can not experience to find a friend to ask, it is not enough to proceed from the appearance of the selection bar. From the essence, have to say that this is really a very good use of the washing machine, he may not be the best, but simple and practical is the daily needs. If the errors and problems, thank you for the timely message, will work hard to correct. Thank you

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