The last guardian of the Chinese version of the October 25th synchronized sale


youxishiguangVGTIME· 2016-07-21 09:07:30

according to channel Play-Asia news, PS4 action adventure game, the last guardian of the Chinese version will be synchronized with other versions of the sale in October 25th.

"the last guardian" tells the story of a boy and a named "hresvelgr" singular biological encounter, then expand the adventure story. The

developers Team Ico had launched a "ICO", "shadow of the Colossus" this immortal masterpieces, good through the role of interaction, scene interaction, interactive design and gameplay to convey emotions.

prior to the interview, the demo in the report, we can feel the pursuit of "lively performance hresvelgr", trying to make the game player can truly feel the strange creatures. And thus can produce a story of how the experience, in October 25th, we will see.

"the last guardian" E3 2016 Trailer

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