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[tombof Sargeras opened again, the demons of the Burning Legion into our world. They are powerful and horrible enough to force the dark Titan summoned to Azeroth -- and they have found the key to let Sageras come again. Both the alliance and the Horde in the war in the run out of power, you can only inherit this world the most legendary artifact, looking for Titan relics in the Broken Isles, challenge the Burning Legion, to defend Ai Ze Lars's last hope. Be prepared, warrior. Crowning calamity will come. ]

2016, a Blizzard Entertainment's 25 anniversary celebration, Blizzard game fans not only ushered in the "world of Warcraft" movie coming in September will usher in the World of Warcraft Concert & Blizzard games concert double visual feast! After 2012, Blizzard Entertainment will once again teamed up with Video Games Live, not only for the Beijing games concerts with "World of Warcraft" game music as the theme of the concert, but will the 14 city the game player offer the strongest storm Blizzard Blizzard games concert.

2009 in September, Video Games Live (hereinafter referred to as VGL) VGL debut in September China, then held the first performances of the Capital Gymnasium in Beijing, the forty thousand spectators All seats are occupied. repertoire included, the classic video game and the most popular video game music. In September 2012, VGL in Beijing MasterCard Center (now LETV Ecological Sports Center) held a well-known game company Blizzard's classic online games "World of Warcraft" in music as the theme of the symphony concert, again after a lapse of three years in Chinese caused a sensation in game player.

2016, in order to meet the August 30th World of Warcraft officially listed a new piece of information "and" the 7 Legion return is expected in September the national service on-line synchronization, VGL and Blizzard Entertainment will be held on September 2nd at the Beijing Exhibition Center Theater first held a special "World of Warcraft" the concert, when the game player will have the opportunity to experience a new piece of information CG animation and music for the first time. In addition, in order to Blizzard games as the theme of the concert, will be held in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Kunming, Chongqing, Changsha, Zhengzhou, Qingdao, Chengdu, Shenyang, Changzhou, Nanjing, and Wuxi 14 city, VGL2016 Blizzard games concert will become this year's most popular Blizzard game player gathering line.

the VGL, Blizzard Entertainment and Mousika teamed up to create a Super Tour, will not only be the carnival of Warcraft game player, it will be a carnival for all lovers of Blizzard games! According to the concert organizers revealed the news, in order to return China game player on Blizzard's enthusiastic support, in the last VGL of Warcraft concert personally served as music director of the blizzard command RussellBrower is led by the music team to re write a lot of classical music for the concert, the first new chapter more completely new music will be in the world premiere the concert. Let's wait and see! Class= img_box "

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