Later in the season OMG has no way to retreat IM ranking is expected to step forward

IM retreat season the number of deaths

tuwanwang· 2016-07-21 10:19:08

7 21 17:00 IM vs OMG OMG IM has no way to retreat further with the league ranking is expected to promote the process of OMG in front of the fan speed is more and more quick playoff door closed.

7 21 17:00 IM vs OMG

OMG IM has no way to retreat the ranking is expected to further promote the process of

with the league, like OMG in front of the fan speed more and more quickly the playoff door closed. The remaining 5 games of the regular season OMG, is still behind the fourth group B VG three ppm. Although the OMG state has picked up, Juejue and Icon in the wild linkage has finally produced a good chemical reaction, but these gratifying changes, it is true that some of the late. Of course, this does not mean that OMG lost hope, but each of the next game, OMG must try to win, it is possible to create a miracle, and they will have to face the first hurdle, is IM.

OMG has been standing on the edge of the cliff

IM morale Masamori present, although the face like EDG, the RNG team, they will show the obvious short board. But with other teams for the clash, the 2016LPL summer season will have to defeat the enemy army. Seventh weeks with rival Snake IM, not only limit the success of the SofM play, cut off the interconnection of SofM and the other three road, and on the line, IM also showed a suppression of the potential for Snake. From the summer season overall performance, IM is not very brisk, but the total number of deaths is all their team in the least, it also proves the robust of the team in the game. As a new LPL, IM has become the biggest dark horse of the season. If the game IM win OMG, WE to RNG, they will climb to second place in group B. OMG IM is taking advantage of the desire to fight to win or die, and who can do so, who will be frustrated? "

Avoidless good performance

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