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either live at home or outdoors, safe, knife plays an important role in people's daily life, with knife cut, split, cut, cut, cut, draw bar, etc., people often according to different purposes and different types of carrying knives. A good knife, often in appearance, material, workmanship, function and other aspects of good performance, both one or more uses. I want to measure today is Kaba 1217, the field is really a good helper.


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, brand and product introduction

Ka-bar tool company is a sub Alcas company, the main production and sales of high-quality utility knife knife, hunting knife, knife and multi-purpose camping. Class= img_box "

Ka-bar knife factory formerly known as Razor Co. Union, known as Ka-bar is due to a hunter's recommendation letter. The hunter met a bear hunting in the way, he had to pick up the bullet out of him that made by Union Razor Co. high quality knife to fight a bear, which saved their lives, he wrote in a letter on this knife can kill the bear (Kill a bear), but because the hunter educational degree it will be high, as Kil a bar, and later was abbreviated Ka-bar, so the name Ka-bar was all famous, even more than Union more famous, so in 1951, Union Razor officially renamed Ka-bar, mark Union but before the company has in their production of knife on Ka-bar.

Blade of the United States Kaba knife blade magazine will be listed as one of the 20 knives in twentieth Century the most representative. In the Second World War, Kaba more than 1217 spare tool products come to the fore, becoming the United States military tool preferred.

1217 also with the American soldier's footsteps, appeared in various areas and the battlefield. From Iwo Jima, Okinawa Island, to the north of Vietnam, a world of ice and snow the jungles of Southeast Asia, until the Gulf War, we can see its shadow.

type: ka1217, name: USMC battle, manufacturers / brands: KA-BAR

Description: full length leather wrapped handle / metal hand

30.48cm, blade length: 17.46cm, thickness: 4.00mm, weight: 18oz

handle material: leather handle. Blade material: high carbon steel 1095

security lock type: gauntlet Description: sheath: BTcoated

surface treatment, the hardness of the blade: 56-58HRC

this knife can be used not only for camping, hunting and more suitable for use as a military tool.


Kaba 1217 knife show details of the products produced by the United States, with 1095 high carbon steel, blade length 30.5cm, with blood slot, black protective coating, firmly do not fall off. The thickening process, using prismatic structure webbing thin, under the premise of ensuring the sharp, solve the weakness of the fragile problem.

leather winding handle, made of high pressure skin ring, the water absorption and has a considerable degree of skid resistance, and anti mildew treatment, with metal Gauntlets, feel very comfortable. The handle is connected with the blade tenon, strengthened with pins in the back of the knife, ensure safety in case of any firm.

content produced by Mexico, leather making, nylon suture, rivets to reinforce, durable, stamping on the words "KA-BAR" mark and pattern. The site has a hole, drain tide, ensure the sheath dry air. A collar of the scabbard can be conjoined, sleeved on the belt or backpack belt, easy to carry. The sword into the sheath, the handle part and a snap ring fixed skin.

Kaba 1217 measured blade length is 30.5cm, wherein the blade length 17.6cm, blade width 3cm, thickness of 0.4cm, with the manufacturers of dimensioning. The blade on both sides near the handle were hit with "KA-BAR" and "USMC" logo, highlighting the brand and distinguished.

four, with

7 3 August morning hiking in South Taihang Valley, Kaba in 1217 sets of leather belt or backpack belt, carrying a convenient. Kaba has cut 1217 knife, chop, chop, chop, cut, draw bar, etc., it is suitable for outdoor travel carrying, in addition to the field of self-defense, also can be used for camping, hiking and outdoor open forests digging etc.. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" chop: Kaba 1217 knife with 1095 high carbon steel, hard material, sharp edges. The slow growing hardwood, wood texture hard, easy to cause the blade curl or cracking, I chose a small branch thick arm to do the experiment, cut up the trees only ten or twenty, debris splashing, branches are cut off in more than and 2 with three points, then gently a breaking off, cut very easy.

cut: cut down the branches of section is very rough, to repair section cut, just began to cut a bit difficult, after all, some hard wood, cut up some slippage, but cut out a section smooth.

for cutting: Kaba 1217 is simply a piece of cake, a sharp knife cut down easily, curved blade can well control the cutting angle, to avoid even the knife, blood slot can also play a separation to solve the problem, sticking to the knife.

profiling: knife is not sharp and see if you can cut hard objects for soft goods in order to test the blade high elastic toughness sharp for example, some of the poor quality of fish, like a knife like tug of rowing also is not open, the final destruction of the whole fish appearance, affect the appetite.

I decided to buy a fish from the market back to try, pull the gills, scraping scales, cutting maw to mark the fish, Kaba 1217 knife blade knife work, fully and delightfully, streamline and tidy, what seems to be no resistance, draw out the fish with a kind of mold, that really sharp knife.

is a small episode in the row, fish before hand wipe down on the edge of the water, did not want to ring finger on the left a memory, the blood flow down immediately, did not feel a little of what is going on at the time, no pain.

digging: in exposed camp, no water need to dig the pit water, food shortage need to dig fresh rhizome carrying special wild herbs. The tool will increase the weight bearing, play the functions of the knife is undoubtedly the best choice. I use the Kaba 1217 digging wild herbs, really easy to use.

pricking: began to worry about the parts of the hardness and strength, flying out of a beautiful curve, a knife in Jianzha roadside tree trunk, dive in about 5-10mm, motionless, pulled out a look. The intact, only in parts of the coating tip off a bit.

open: outdoor wild line walking across the way, encounter thick trees hanging drill, with a knife cut the branches cut open, steep rock climbing encountered difficulties, with a knife hole slot force, of course, encountered large animal attacks in the wild, it is can be used to fight and defend.

waterproof: knife position into the water after a few minutes rinse out the hilt and no water seepage phenomenon on the surface of the water and gently rub also gone, waterproof measures do very place. Surface BTcoated coating treatment, improve the ability to resist corrosion.


1217 is the evaluation section of Kaba production of a tactical knife, blade length 30.5cm, with 1095 high carbon steel with leather ring handle, classic style, marked "KA-BAR" brand and more distinguished, gauntlet blade sharp, waterproof mildew treatment, cutting, cutting and splitting, stab, bundling, cutting and other complete functions, tough and durable, pure leather scabbard produced by Mexico, can be sleeved on the belt or backpack belt, safe and convenient to carry. Kaba 1217 is not suitable for home use, more suitable for hiking, camping and hunting field tactical use.

: parts of the protective coating tool easy to fall, affecting the appearance and character of treatment recommendations.

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