Dongfeng 26 with a bomb hit the United States aircraft carrier? Do not fly

Anti ship missile east wind road F-35

leimanjunshixiandaijian· 2016-07-21 10:20:07

compared with the "east wind" -21D, "Dongfeng" -26 range greatly increased. Can't help but ask, I will not further develop a range of new anti - ship ballistic missiles? China's ballistic missile technology in the world is not the most advanced, in addition to the range, in fact, there are many other space for improvement. Class= img_box "

ballistic missiles generally only need to add a little push the Department, you can achieve a further range. We can see that the "Dongfeng" -21D and "Dongfeng" -26 compared to only about a short distance, but the range has increased by more than 1 thousand km, so in the future to develop further range is not a problem. But the range is also meant to increase the probability of being intercepted, there will be more distance to intercept the opportunity to be more ballistic missile defense system to intercept the weapon.

, especially the most vulnerable middle and early period of the anti missile system will give leave many opportunities in the future in order to reduce the probability of finding against U.S., new anti aircraft missile may take flight propulsion section in the atmosphere over such a fast burning engine emission model. All kinds of camouflage technology to reduce the electromagnetic radiation signals of active and passive measures to reduce the warning time, U.S. anti missile system discovery and identification probability, thereby increasing the penetration probability. In addition to the range of the -26 - type anti - ship missile, the following aspects need to be improved.

system more perfect

anti ship ballistic missile as an anti aircraft carrier combat system, including the intelligence acquisition system, command and control system and fire fighting system, three modules are indispensable. The future development must be continuous in space based sensor on the ability to expand, increasing its scope and scanning precision, prevent the "barrel principle".

if Chinese really solve the problem of global surveillance and 2 hours following revisit rate, image processing speed, the aircraft carrier is really safe anywhere. In order to achieve this goal, China in the next period of time, will launch a large number of Marine Surveillance and reconnaissance satellites and SAR satellites and optical reconnaissance satellites. Optical reconnaissance satellite life is limited, often at the time of the war needs to be based on a large number of temporary dense satellite launch of the operational needs of low orbit satellite reconnaissance. In order to make the

satellite network, the use of heaven, timely, fight together with other services, you need an advanced combat command and all operations, usually in the field of satellite satellite launch standing, wartime emergency emission, the maintenance of these satellites, the use of task needs a special forces. In addition, to conduct reconnaissance aircraft carrier "whistleblower" tug should also be stepped up the development, in wartime can interference of the infrared signal of satellite radar, space-based equipment also requires this service to operate independently to complete. The

warhead more diversified

although carry light by way of bait can be used as a penetration strategy, but after all, to occupy the limited space of warhead. And as long as the interceptor is enough, Dongfeng -26 can be hit, and re-entry, because it involves the adjustment of the trajectory and the radar scan is relatively fragile, so we need to add in the most vulnerable middle complex maneuvering to avoid being effective in killing. The advantage of the

boost glide warhead is that it is successful in avoiding the ballistic missile intercept area. At present, Chinese have mastered the technology the most mature is the glide missile technology, which is a combination of ballistic and cruise missile technology, first ballistic missile propulsion to a certain height and speed, promote some detachment, left warheads fly alone. The warhead is equipped with a missile wing, the missile reentry atmosphere, can use the wing lift in the atmosphere for gliding, high speed and low altitude, greatly reduced the detection distance of the U.S. military warning radar. The comprehensive adjustment of fast speed and wing also makes it can tell can intercept the defense penetration region closely, the raiders from the weak area, so the penetration probability of success is very high.

at present, our country has successfully tested 4 hypersonic aircraft, are such. Another type of trajectory is called "Sanger's trajectory" (Sanger), which is exactly the same as that of Tsien Hsueshen's trajectory. Only in the warhead reentry warhead, the missile wing deflection angle adjustment give the missile a lift, then the missile again jumped out of earth's atmosphere, and then returned again due to the influence of gravity, forming a series of wavy trajectory in the atmosphere boundary, like dashuipiao. Such a flight trajectory makes the fire control computer can not predict its position, resulting in a missile can not hit.

to solve the power and space conflicts

Dongfeng -26 missile borne radar aircraft that need to scan two-dimensional image database comparison to combat. In actual combat, the aircraft carrier escort ships to protect aircraft carrier, jamming means may install some corner reflector or active and passive, the radar echo signal intensity to reach or exceed the carrier, resulting in partial or wrong Dongfeng -26. Therefore, China may be in Dongfeng -26 on the installation of infrared imaging device assisted guidance, but because the missile flying at high speed when the heat is very high, so how in the heat carrier signal will filter out the infrared signal successfully, will be the future focus on the development direction of signal processing. This need to occupy the space of warhead. At the end of the fire control radar

addition missile radar should have certain ability of electronic jamming to interfere with the increase of NMD penetration probability, but the electronic jamming waveform generator will squeeze the onboard space, the best way is to assemble the terminal guidance radar shared aperture. The radar works in the X band, in the launch of the radar pulse can be emitted at the same time interfere with the signal, so that it can reduce the volume of contradictions, F-35 on the radar is such. In addition, if there is a ELINT device in the magazine and the radar used in conjunction can detect interceptor, timely maneuver to avoid the device, and the missile computer will be integrated into a cabin, called penetration cabin, but in a warhead penetration assembly tank, controller, control components of centroid warhead and the vector nozzle, each of which requires electricity and space. This brings the contradiction.

hypersonic assault aircraft carrier only after solving the problem of black barrier has been possible to be completely resolved. The way to solve the blackout most likely is realized in the warhead installation of a magnetic field, the high speed flight of air around the ionized particles onto the radar does not interfere with the area, but the method of power warhead and space and put forward higher requirements.

one would think it is a good idea to take a nuclear warhead, realize the blasting ability by using minimal space, also can use the remaining space according to other equipment. But it needs nuclear weapons miniaturization results, on the other hand, the U.S. aircraft carrier once sunk its powerful nuclear weapons, nuclear counterattack will begin soon, is still unable to Chinese and America equivalent of nuclear war. Although the Dongfeng -26 to achieve the nuclear warhead and conventional warhead of the general, but whether the nuclear warhead also installed terminal guidance equipment, is still unknown. Therefore, the east wind -26 nuclear warhead can be used as a deterrent, but can not be used in combat. Conclusion

Dongfeng series anti-ship ballistic missile through two models, although the combat system is not very complete, but has been on the U.S. military system constitutes a huge challenge, a wise commander can not ignore the deterrent effect brought by these missiles. Perhaps the final outcome is that the two nuclear countries will not really play up.

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