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juziyule· 2016-07-21 11:23:44

Fan Bingbing recently in an interview with the video in another verse!

in the story about her new movie "I am not Pan Jinlian" and his own feelings when the film, she said that 12 years is a reincarnation, they have a great change.

" and then "quite a lot of beautiful people, everyone can rely on face to eat, why not become Fan Bingbing"

"people can grow, no one can without hard work, without growth, without pain will harvest all"

real domineering ah there? I don't know her in the "I am not Pan Jinlian" in acting in the end how...

, but her efforts for this movie is obvious to people!

complete sacrifice goddess, in order to do down to earth village not doing their homework! Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" and this sentence is quite reasonable! Which can be easily obtained without training? Class= img_box "

" forecast to become the QQ space vigorously pursued the inspirational chicken soup!

ah, why do I want to say again... Because

Fan Bingbing domineering upright character, really said a lot of inspirational chicken soup and amazing quotations! Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" remember a press conference, she was asked to take a passion play when the reporter will do?

Fan Bingbing said that in the minds of a few favorite stars, such as Edison Chan ah Daniel Wu ah!

day ~ which girl not fantasized about Daniel Wu, can forthrightly say it only Fan Ye!

mentioned "Fan Ye", the origin of the name is that "I do not marry a wealthy, I am wealthy ah, particularly domineering!

said of the selling point of the film said "I said really, Fan Bingbing is selling"

was said: "if I say the vase is a vase, I am also a valuable vase, nor any place to put the"

was vilified: "in extreme grief, habits like"

, although Fan Ye upright and domineering, also said a lot of verse!

but in fact her heart is completely a little princess, or the kind of special Marysu!

like "what don't bow, Huangguan will fall, don't cry, the bad guys will smile"

"to withstand much slander, will afford much

is not her original, but because of her, in the micro-blog space and other major sites was crazy turn, lengnuanzizhi by numerous small fresh beauty teenagers are regarded as a classic!

become particularly non mainstream!

micro-blog is also often a thick style of Marysu ↓

in the fickle world, feeling alive...

for "we are feeling sugar, sweet sorrow is no molimen! Bing Bing is definitely the QQ space of the faithful repeater!

, of course, a little princess Fan Ye heart is not only reflected in the small fresh sentence

... She also love pink, love Hello Kitty!

and Li Chen couple picture... "Img_box"

< /p>, this group of photos" and the number of female bodyguards campus Belle!

Li Chen will be in the May 20th 13:14 micro-blog

give her HelloKitty birthday theme lie!

a can satisfy your heart of girl's boyfriend, is really happy ah!

anyway, although Fan Bingbing domineering upright invincible, but her heart is more lovely girl Mary sue!

the last sentence

what do you think?

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