When Zihan Chen resigned in 10 years of marriage Dai Xiangyu mistress

Zihan Chen mistress marriage.

beiqingwangyule· 2016-07-21 13:59:15

shortly before Zihan Chen and Dai Xiangyu two people in micro-blog announced marriage license, the woman 6 years younger than. But recently, the media broke the news that Zihan Chen's mistress, Dai Xiangyu and his ex-wife in marriage. Dai Xiangyu and his ex-wife married for 10 years, because Zihan Chen's intervention was forced to divorce. This is a friend of Dai Xiangyu, a friend of miss H.

according to miss H, Dai Xiangyu's ex-wife is an actor and model, he and Dai Xiangyu and Lu are friends, especially for Lu Yixuan.

and Lu Yixuan broke the news did not deny, but now on the ground in a foreign country, said that after returning to China in July 5th to say, you have to think about it. Until July 6th, Lu Yixuan responded: "I didn't want to get involved in this matter, and hope that the media can contact their broker, because they say any words, need to go through the consent of the company, the company is not allowed to own any published speech, only by the company. After

Lu Yixuan's agent called Jingjing before Lu Yixuan and her ex husband, because in addition to the relationship between husband and wife is also friends and colleagues, so the last thing they don't want to be involved in what. When asked: "if it is true, is the issue of small three should not be revealed? "When Jingjing said:" we do not want to Yi Xuan and such people have to do what we are involved and, after some careful consideration to this decision. "

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