Tips from iOS 10: your phone is flooded

IOS mobile phone system equipment

tianjiwang· 2016-07-21 14:04:09

now, there are more and more mobile phones have a waterproof function. However, the phone is configured to have the function and will not be completely away from the flood". Even Samsung also issued a statement saying that this function is not in all cases can be guaranteed that the phone will not cause damage to the device because of water. In many cases, users are unable to find the water has entered the mobile phone, many people only see light suddenly found in the equipment does not work properly after: Oh! The water mobile phone! Reminder

from iOS 10 system: your mobile phone water!

Apple found a solution for them, the latest iOS 10 public beta version introduces a new Lightning interface function, the system can flow into the equipment in liquid, issued a warning to the user. In this way, the user can pull out the plug in time and dry the equipment.

currently, only 6S 6S, Plus iPhone and SE users can experience this feature. After introducing the function to the system, the user can solve the problem in time, avoid unnecessary trouble, and Apple will save a lot of maintenance costs.


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