What are the chimps doing in the zoo?

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in the Melbourne zoo, a group of red haired chimpanzees, is shown that they are video game enthusiasts.

an experiment will be One Xbox added to the experiment to encourage active interaction between people and animals, the purpose is to study how animals learn science and technology, and how to interact with science and technology.

researchers have designed an audio based interactive game based on the habits of primates. The experimental results show that the red haired gorilla is very keen on this game, so that researchers began to try to develop a app that can be played with apes and humans.

, which began in February 2016 is the world's first Microsoft Research Institute, the research team from the Melbourne University, main research direction of the team is the social natural user interface (SNUI, Social Natural User Interfaces), the Vitoria zoo and their conservation (Zoo Victoria) cooperation.

the experiment lasted for four weeks, until now, the experiment showed a positive effect on the red haired chimpanzees, these changes are reflected in the interaction between them and the zoo visitors. Class= img_box "

researchers in the Microsoft One Xbox game system based on the 3D Kinect technology designed a series of games.

(from: Google)

team initially used the "smart projection (Intelligent projections)" designed a game called Zap, the game image is projected onto the ground, the orangutan enclosure in the floor change for touch screen.

Marcus researchers Carter ABC interview said that the team is very surprised to find that the orangutan first started playing Kinect 3D, and look how they relate to the projection on the ground of the animation interactive projection system. These orangutans began to put their own body as the projection drawing.

, a 12 year old orangutan Malu, only to the red point projection to its body will kiss the red dot. It looks like the red haired apes are very intoxicated in the illusion of the projection. Carter


Marcus "we do not assume that the red haired apes intend to use technology to do something, we want to understand their behavior. "Class= img_box"

" the current Melbourne researchers are developing a new music game for this group of primates. The new

game, linked with bright color marked objects and music, in particular behavior will stimulate different tracks. The concert is produced according to the distance of the object.

walking and waving is the main connection of movement track, this means the game is very suitable for the great love swing arm orangutan.

, although the red haired apes are not yet in full contact with their new games, the researchers want to see that they will soon be able to combine their own music. Of course, we all know that the process of artistic creation is not urgent. Figure

: from 123RF

: University of Melbourne, illustrations from YouTube

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