Dai Xiangyu denied Zihan Chen is small three: free love

Show of affection Zihan Chen mistress hand in hand

fenghuangyule· 2016-07-21 16:26:05

Zihan Chen and Dai Xiangyu

hold the Phoenix Entertainment News on July 21st, Zihan Chen husband wearing micro-blog Xiangyu clarification mistress rumors, said: "my wife and I are actors, but also ordinary people, even in the entertainment circle but resplendent with variegated coloration, hope the work of our life as a low-key simple. We played many roles, but real life is not a drama, not married divorced and then married, no fourth mistress, we are just a couple, very simple free love, is the first time in marriage! This a few days of hard everyone's attention, for a waste of social resources, deeply sorry. I respect every feeling, also wish everyone happy, I will work with my wife to work together to enjoy family life, thank you for your concern! "Afternoon Zihan Chen also forwarded Dai Xiangyu's micro-blog said" there are you in, very happy, simple life, hard work! Rest assured, we are very good, thank you! "With two people holding hands full of photos, love two people at the same time positive rumor rumors mistress.

Zihan Chen

reported earlier. Micro-blog, claimed that wearing Xiangyu and his wife have been married for 10 years, because of the intervention of Zihan Chen finally forced to divorce. And Dai Xiangyu's ex-wife Lu Yixuan said in response, said: he did not want to intervene in this matter. "Do not want such people have what relation and involved. "This mistress rampant rumors Zihan Chen host.

is now two people in such a high-profile rumor have attracted users point of praise: "support you", "perfect! You two are sweet to me! "Love" is better than the best spray, clarify, let those people arrogant! "

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