El said Erdogan shot down Russian Su -24 and Guellen pilots or related

El's pilot Turkey the Russian military coup.

· 2016-07-21 19:03:30



, a Russian satellite network reference news network reported on July 21st foreign media said that Turkey's president El said Erdogan, the underground two shot down the Russian Su -24 aircraft pilots in Turkey and American Islamic religious opposition or the guellen. Turkey accuses Guellen planning the attempted coup occurred in Turkey.

, according to the Russian satellite network reported on 21 July, Erdogan El in an interview with Al Jazeera said: "the two shot down Russian aircraft pilots have been arrested by the coup events, they may be related to Guellen organization, but there is no evidence, the court will find out. "

July 16th morning a group of soldiers tried to launch a military coup in Turkey, mainly in Ankara and Istanbul, the main resistance. The leadership in Turkey announced that the military coup is pacified. According to the latest information, 190 civilians were killed in Turkey, more than 100 insurgents were killed and about 1500 people were injured. The Turkey government accused the opposition of Islamic religious life in the United States who organized a military coup in guellen. But Guellen denies.