Saudi Arabia Islam once again stressed that the wizard can dream of treasure, contrary to the teachings of

Saudi Arabia Islam doctrine once again

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came from a number of foreign media news, the Saudi Arabian Islamic religious organization senior clergy issued a statement, once again stressed that "the wizard Po Po" (Pok e Mon) this game against the Islamic doctrine. Although there is no direct mention, but I believe this statement and the recent "demon treasure can dream GO" in the global scope of the hot links.

"elf treasure can dream GO although there is no official" in Saudi Arabia on the line, but there are still a lot of local game player in a variety of ways have been playing on the game. And they, like the rest of the world, are starting to capture the virtual elves. Earlier, overseas media reports have been reported as a result of a lot of people in order to find the wizard and the influx of mosques, Islamic groups condemned the sacred sites of the sacred. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" in fact, "the wizard of treasure can dream" is not the first time and Islam has produced a contradiction. In 2001, they were on the "Wizard of the treasure can dream" under the ban order. Because Islam does not recognize Darwin's "evolution", and the game concept of evolution is clearly contrary to the teachings of Islam, and "elf treasure card can dream" not only an element of gambling, some of the symbols above reminiscent of pagan and Christian israel.

the clergy said: "many children often play games at the same time shouting 'evolution', which makes people very surprised. "

Via: Reuters, guardian

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