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the strongest ThinkPad P70

> 14px;" in terms of product design, the new Lenovo ThinkPad P70 workstation products adhering to the "Think" quality, innovation, the design of the three genes, from external to internal design platform, optimize and upgrade the comprehensive, and equipped with equipped with Intel Xeon processors and NvidiaQuadro M5000M flagship professional graphics, the overall performance of a comprehensive upgrading of Lenovo also introduced a number of exclusive technologies, flexible scalability, stability and reliability to the extreme, help users to easily cope with diverse challenges brought by different application environment.

new design brings hitherto unknown experience

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ThinkPad P70 uses a single high resolution (UHD 4K) screen. And with 92% RGB color gamut, even if there is a high demand for video and image editing processing professionals.

ThinkPad P70 in the design of the touch panel to consider more comprehensive, in provides the premise under the trackpoint also provides two sets of mouse button. Three button mouse keys at the top of the more suitable for old users, while the mouse button below is a reference to design the mainstream notebook.

> 14px;" in order to ensure the data processing in the daily visual transmission, Lenovo is also ThinkPad P70 designed Thunderbolt interface, built the new code for the Thunderbolt controller Alpine Ridge. The controller supports the latest Thunderbolt 3 and USB 3.1 specifications, including 3 Thunderbolt compared with the Thunderbolt 2 speed doubled, the highest transmission rate can reach 40Gbps, and the USB Type-C interface speed based on 3.1 USB upgrade to 10Gbps.

we may have on the first equipped with USB Type-C interface MacBook

is very impressive, although the interface with the charging speed, transmission, video output and expansion and a series of characteristics, but unfortunately is still based on the generation speed of USB 3 standards, including the latest Google Chromebook Pixel is also the same standard. By virtue of the Ridge ThinkPad controller, P70 Alpine is now not simply to upgrade the speed of the interface, based on the Thunderbolt 3 model, the interface will provide all the laptops in an unprecedented transmission speed.

> 14px;" fingerprint recognition sensor in the Windows notebook computer is not uncommon, even from today has more than 10 years, and the fingerprint sensor ThinkPad P70 is keeping up with the trend, not the traditional "brush" type of identification, but according to "action. This is likely to be very popular, as compared to the penetration of the recognition method P70 ThinkPad solution recognition speed is more efficient.

> 14px;" when it comes to the user experience, we previously mentioned X-Rite Pantone color sensor, although to screen color is not a new thing, but it can be directly integrated into the full keyboard palm rest very practical. Because when you want to color, open the corresponding software will be provided after the 4K IPS screen can be built, no need to like the traditional school color instrument cable into the USB interface, and then find a dark room.

ThinkPad P70 is equipped with a removable battery capacity is 96Wh, the screen brightness to 60%, volume to 16%, connected to the WiFi, use the built-in player play a 1080P Video 3 hours total power consumption of 30%, that is to say a power consumption of 10% hours, we speculated that the ThinkPad P70 battery life up to 9 hours! Even using high strength will have at least 6 hours life time. This performance for a 17 inch 4K notebook has been very good.

powerful core performance

in addition to solid mold design, strong expansion ability, different ordinary commercial notebook mobile workstation, and the environment is not always comfortable". For example, in the application of oil and gas exploration, often faced with high temperature and low temperature, humidity, sand and other harsh outdoor environment, which requires the mobile workstation need to be more secure than the ordinary notebook. P70 ThinkPad also through the United States military 12 stringent test, the body's built-in anti roll stand to ensure the absolute safety of the workstation from the hardware.

ThinkPad P70 E3-1505M V5 is equipped with a first mobile version of Intel Xeon processor, using the latest Intel Skylake architecture, the four core eight thread design, 14nm process. The highest frequency 2.8GHz, core frequency 3.5GHz, smart cache is 8MB, TDP value is 45W.

Xeon E3 processor is a legendary game player in CPU DIY heart, on the desktop platform, E3 can provide the performance of the i7 to the i5 price, this point is the main reason for it welcome. For the mobile station, E3-1505M V5 in the core performance same as our previous test of Core i7-6820HQ, and E3-1505M V5 in the professional ability to render better.

ThinkPad P70 has two GPU chips are integrated in the HD530 core graphics processor and the highest Quadro M5000M professional graphics card. The Intel Xeon E3 processor is not integrated graphics core, in the mobile terminal Intel retains the core graphics configuration.

Quadro is that NVIDIA will be customized for optimization of professional application in driver and hardware, has a lower failure rate and longer service life. So although the performance is more mainstream, but in practical applications will have a longer life cycle and a more stable use of experience.

SPECviewperf" is a response to the 3D graphics hardware performance for professional testing software, we carried out 8 aspects of the test. The software uses a new graphical test interface, as well as an increase in the use of new professional grade 3D applications to test the degree of fragment. Can be seen from the test results, the Quadro like M5000M professional graphics performance, so that the ThinkPad P70 while positioning the mobile station, but in the professional graphics processing ability is not less than the current mainstream desktop workstation.

Adobe Photoshop

(12 action takes 21 seconds)

Microsoft Office

(two sets of high load batch total time 29.692 seconds)

in addition to the above benchmark Performance of the test, in order to understand the real performance of P70 ThinkPad in the practical application, we specifically selected the Photoshop Adobe and Office MS office environment, the implementation of efficiency. We have chosen a 5000px * 3333px image in PHOTOSHOP to carry out a series of batch operation, and the product in the high load Excel processor environment for the whole performance of the consideration. Can be seen from the test results, the processing efficiency is very good in the large figures and tables, with the effective collocation of processors and memory, ThinkPad P70 can be said that the high load in the office environment is no pressure.

summary and bit "font-size: 14px style=

workstation running smoothly is a designer of the normal work of the foundation, because often dealing with graphics, image processing capability is an important criterion for judging the quality of the workstation. P70 collocation Quadro series flagship high performance graphics card, NVIDIA 8GB memory, high speed, a clear reduction of every detail. Highest optional 4K Ultra HD display, 4K resolution to bring you the most authentic and delicate visual reduction. There are Pantone X-RiTe professional color correction device, according to your environment to automatically adjust the image color and saturation, so that the image is more real. Be able to maintain accurate color throughout the product cycle, further reduce the cost of late maintenance of enterprises.

as Lenovo workstation family of new products, after the new design of the ThinkPad P70 through the stringent U.S. military standard testing, ThinkPad P70 will not prove sufficient to ensure that the notebook in the collision and fall accidents easily damaged. P70 ThinkPad to meet the needs of enterprise users for mobile workstation products increasingly high performance at the same time, in function, security, application, service experience is also able to enhance the overall. />

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