Fan Bingbing Li Chen: I have the durian pudding?

Li Chen Fan Bingbing durian pudding

fenghuangyule· 2016-07-22 05:59:29

Fan Bingbing micro-blog photo

Phoenix Entertainment News in the afternoon of July 21st, Fan Bingbing micro-blog drying out a mango, durian pudding, and with the text: "rest today, do mango and durian pudding, it seems like a very good! "Bing Bing cook attracted users a compliment. The

photos of the mango and durian pudding delicious colors, very eye-catching, while Fan Bingbing's pet cat face adorable seems to stay together, enjoy the delicacy, the picture is very harmonious.

micro-blog under Li Chen commented: "have I? "And do a greedy expression. Netizens have commented, well, see, is two people, one is certainly a great black "," well what to eat and not big, black for us to eat! "They do not want to talk to you and kick the dog food bowl. "

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