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stars live every day in the spotlight, every act and every move will be a concern, and when the two star burst of love, from the attention of the outside world is growing by the number of times, so a little wind sways grass enough to be tabloid however, there are some written headlines from the star lovers, they are burst out together, from doubts is never interrupted, such as Taylor Swift and British male god Tom Snydes Don, since their affair was exposed after every few days, two people will "break up", there are some star CP even if married, gave birth to the baby, but always bursts was exposed, not the feelings ", a check that has been open since the love not to be optimistic Star CP bar.

1. Taylor · Tom · Swift; Taylor Swift and Tom Xidesidun

from · Xidesidun relationship after exposure to the two love gossip a few days ago and emerge in an endless stream, someone broke the news that the two together but is a public relations stunt, broke the authenticity of the first not to say, but a similar question certainly will not be the end, about two people on weekdays in the image is too large, a female pop singer wearing high waist pants with supermodel bestie group, is a low-key acting love Shakespeare Curve Wrecker metrosexual man actor it is really hard to imagine two people so big difference can talk about love, so the two love is a question seems to be Taken for granted.

2. Angelina · Brad · Julie; Peter

in Angelina · Brad · Julie, Peter and Jennifer & middot; Aniston was the Hollywood model couple, later the two divorced in 2005, everyone attributed Angelina Julie and Brad Pitt in the movie "Mrs Smith" in a false thing becomes true. Perhaps because Angelina Julie and Brad Pitt two love has been labeled "affair", "betrayal" label, so they are not to be optimistic, even today, the two fell in love for 11 years, had 3 children, in 14 years in France to marry outside of their feelings still exists questioned, Hollywood tabloid is at regular intervals to expose two people divorce or not the feelings of the truth".

3. Yang Mi Hawick Lau

2012 in January 8th, Hawick Lau first in the micro-blog generous recognition of the two love, Yang Mi then boyfriend forwarded to micro-blog, and made a sweet text, admit love". When two people's love in their open micro-blog, many users believe that the age of 12 years of age, there are regional differences in culture, how to be able to love it, is a big question mark. 14 years two people married in Bali Island, and in the same year a daughter, nicknamed small glutinous rice, when you think of Yang Mi and Hawick Lau to live a happy life of a family of three, Yang Mi postpartum rapid comeback fight ring "model workers", fully deserve but there is a series of negative news, said because the work from more than two less lead to marital problems, also said Yang Mi and other actors in the filming of the two no matter a false thing becomes true, anyway, to clarify how many times the negative news about the two marriage is still rampant.

4. Zhang Ziyi Wang Feng

2013, Wang Feng in concert and Zhang Ziyi confession, the two love also surfaced, netizens have expressed surprise -- the two looks eight pole are not a person how to be together? In addition to the image does not look up, before two people each have a series of "former history with vigour and vitality" also let you are not optimistic about this affair, then marry, marriage, children, Zhang Ziyi and Wang Feng in action again and again shattered those tattle and prate for their marriage, but the outside world is still not optimistic about this. It can only be attributed to black history before two people, so let netizen impressive.

5. Sheenah Zhang Jie

2006, Zhang Jie and his 1 year old Sheenah together, Sheenah had just ended with Liu Ye's long-distance love, fame is bigger than Zhang Jie. Later, Zhang Jie joined the Hunan TV through the competition, with the topic of concern and singing. When the news came out, Zhang Jie went through the competition, in which Sheenah played. Initially, Sheenah and Zhang Jie's feelings are not optimistic about the outside world, because at that time many people seem to, two people from the age and visibility, it does not seem to match. But then got married. Then there are rumors that Sheenah is the son. Then two people constantly heard the news of divorce. Although the news was later proved to be a rumor, but we all know that the gossip news will not end.

6. Liyan Tong Chen Sicheng

and Liyan Tong Chen Sicheng because the 2011 film "Beijing love story" fell in love, when two people love after being exposed, netizens have said the goddess Liyan Tong and how can was nicknamed the "black oil" Chen Sicheng together. Although the outside world once thought that Chen Sicheng is not worthy of Liyan Tong, but two or 14 years in Tahiti wedding. However, after less than half a year, then the media exposed Chen Sicheng derailed, so more and more netizens are not optimistic about the couple, although the last two people to clarify the matter to the media, but also because of the "Chinatown director Chen Sicheng Holmes" recognized by the public, but in this circle, who knows a negative news at what time suddenly exposed?

7. Christine Fan Chen Chien-chou

black Chen Chien-chou 2010 with the successful suitor Christine Fan, held wedding in 2011 two. After marriage, two people have been loving a plus, micro-blog is trying to show affection. 2014 Christine Fan by artificial insemination, in January 2015 the birth of a pair of twins son. Two people in love for ten years long, six years of marriage, double harvest love marriage, twin sons enviable, it said, according to this rhythm, Christine Fan and Chen Chien-chou should be called "life", but the sudden "marriage" to the marriage of two people on a big question mark now, no matter how two people at micro-blog and other social networks show affection, users know the truth is to see how molimen ah.

8. Sun Li Deng Chao

for so many years, Deng Chao and Sun Li has been named the "most promising star couple". In 2008, Deng Chao starred in the Zhang Jizhong version of "The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber" for a month of shooting at the Wudang Mountains in Hubei. During that time, Deng Chao also broke up with Sun Li's rumored period, not who have a girlfriend, but two people out of character, often at odds. In 2010, the two fell in love four years love quietly to receive a marriage certificate. 2011, Sun Li gave birth to a son, named and so on, 2014, Sun Li in Hongkong production of a female, named "little flower", a son and a woman together into a good word. Now about two people feeling substandard rumors though not so much as before, but from time to time will be exposed two "marriage" hearsay.

9. Zhang Zixuan Chen

a few years ago, said Chen, everyone will take him and man to equate this not only because of his "love apartment" in the play "good man" and he and Zeng Xiaoxian, circle the girlfriend long-distance love and marriage stories. In a very long period of time, Chen is the "good man" people, who know later exposed to marital derailed the Zhang Zixuan scandal, Chen from the moment the "good man" into "slag men", even though Chen and his ex-wife divorced, but still can not accept netizens Chen and Zhang Zixuan affair. At the beginning of this year, the media reported Chen and Zhang Zixuan married in Shanghai licensing. However, Chen "good man" from his two marriage has been running, and can maintain how much time?

10. Yifei Tang Ling Xiaosu

once, Yao circle model couple, but somehow, two people went to the mutual divorce tore situation, is the beginning of Ling Xiaosu has been discovered in the marriage derailed Yifei Tang, when two people can that is universally condemned, but later discovered Chen Yao marital infidelity, users know the truth can only express the ring true chaos". This much raise a Babel of criticism of derailed with the passage of time, gradually subsided, Ling Xiaosu and Yifei Tang the couple also came in the teeth of the storm from fruition, married, but the original estimate is derailed too ugly, so far about Ling Xiaosu and Yifei Tang, everyone is still there.

11. the

"since Ma Yili Monday to see after the incident, the public image can be collapsed," derailed "tag estimation is a lifetime can not tear down. At that time everyone on the article and Yao Di sat down and thought the Ma Yili and two marriage must end, but Ma Yili's words "and cherish" let it come to an end temporarily derailed. Although Ma Yili and the later several times in the media to show affection in front of the same feelings, but with a "derailed" label, you will only be more questioning of their marriage, think this show of affection is just to cover your work.

12. Fan Bingbing Li Chen

2015 in May 29th, Fan Bingbing and Li Chen at the same time in the micro-blog public affair, two words "just us" has caused quite a stir. Because of Fan Bingbing's fame is far greater than Li Chen, this relationship is the beginning not to be optimistic, who knows later mixed into Li Chen's ex girlfriend Zhang Xinyu, the results of this romantic love towards the story abruptly turned into a style, hand tore the former idea. In the Li Chen Fan Bingbing stand and hand tore Zhang Xinyu at the same time, a good memory of the netizens said that this story is not 12 years with Li Chen and Zhang Xinyu together, in order to maintain the Zhang Xinyu in the micro-blog document users are similar up? The idea that drama gradually break, Fan Bingbing and Li Chen have also been mixed with both parents, toward the public loved married direction towards Zhang Xinyu, but from time to time to brush a sense of presence but always remind everyone of their love had black history.

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