We are here to challenge the Macao tower Angie Chiu tears

Macao Angie Chiu Xu Jiao Hunan satellite TV

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; Angie Chiu high tears; "we come" will be held this Friday 20:20 landing Hunan TV, for audiences of Summer Arts feast. Among them, the first time to join the variety show Angie Chiu heavy attendance, stunning debut, becoming the focus of attention. But according to the program group revealed that Angie Chiu in the Macao station crying, accident record is very sad, so the world's best news, people can not help but ask: what happened?

boxing Angie Chiu Xu Jiao

PK thrilling domineering as a pioneering "female ensemble era" phenomenal variety "we come", again after a lapse of a year of strong incoming. It is reported that, in addition to the continuation of the program last season experience content, but also in particular to join the competition and confrontation elements, focusing on the unique aspects of the set and rich content of the program, a full range of show the true side of the actress.

, "we are here," the first stop in Macao to record, eight star and two team leader to complete the challenge and confrontation task. It is reported that the program recording, ten guests are divided into red and blue teams, the boxing PK tournament, the eight women dressed in boxing suit, hand ring. According to the program group staff revealed that age eight actresses in the smallest Xu Jiao will play with the "goddess" Angie Chiu. From the program content exposure can be seen, although Xu Jiao had small, but amazing strength, powerful punches, full of murderous. Angie Chiu is undaunted, played Xu Jiao, the smell of gunpowder is strong.

challenge bungee jump laps Angie Chiu

in tears altitude record in Macao station, the ten guests were dressed in red and blue leisure suit in Macao tower, and the ultimate challenge laps bungee jumping high altitude platform. And these two very challenging and exciting projects, is the last season of the program did not. The program in the eight actress put down idol burden, the program recording very hard. In this regard, netizens exclaimed, "we have come to the" new upgrade, this seems to play really. "Macao high altitude platform

in more than 300 meters high and there is no fence, eight star run fast, thrilling scene, the scene screaming. And even more frightening is that one of the stars in the rapid run when the shoe scattered off, thrilling. In the program recording Macao tower, wearing a blue sportswear Angie Chiu moved to tears, her "I really can't see, I want to leave this site". Angie Chiu's first variety show tears in Macao tower, is moved? Is it a surprise or a shock? Everything is unknown.

Hunan satellite TV, "we have come to the" will be held July 22nd 20:20 portrait Juxian, amazing to you people coming, crazy game not to be missed!

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