Royce became the cover of "FIFA 17"

Lois cover figure EA

youxishiguangVGTIME· 2016-07-22 09:42:15

EA on the official website announced that "FIFA" will cover 17 German star Marco Royce, he defeated three other spokesmen in the vote: Real Madrid's Hammes Rodriguez, Chelsea Zal and a team of Manchester United Anthony Marshall.

Royce was born in 1989, played the attacking midfielder and winger. Since joining Dortmund in 2012, has made 109 appearances for the team, scoring 49 goals. He made 29 appearances for the German national team and scored 9 goals. Royce because of adductor and pubic injury unfortunately missed the European Cup this year, return time doubtful.

after the contract expires, Argentine Messi will no longer be the cover of FIFA players, the game of the endorsement lineup will take on an altogether new aspect. "FIFA 17" will be on sale in September 27th, several new spokesmen were also brought us new video game features: Marshall explain the new offensive skills, Royce explain the active intelligent system makes the team AI movement, and a new body to explain the system against Zal.

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