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. The song / drawing

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among the various conference, whether it is a car, Home Furnishing, clothing, or mobile phone, computer, game, sitting in the gold position all is a handheld self bar "net red", they become the conference of a beautiful landscape, outshining the stage spotlight hero, live hot this remarkable. If we say that the rise in the live show, games, mobile Internet market in 2015 is a "dark horse", created a "Red Net" this kind of special crowd; then today, live constantly in the play, has been able to shake the pattern of the mobile Internet industry "killer" business, various "+X live" on like a raging fire, such as "live + tourism", "live +" and so on, so that the "Red Net" in addition to "eat on his" can continue to create more value. At the same time, the "live +X" not only for the "X" brings a new business model of the flow of cash, but also led to the telecommunications network upgrade, data center network upgrade...... In a word, whether you want or do not want to, as long as the information communication industry, we must understand and keep up with the mobile Internet is in the air.


and old play the game live at

melee worth tens of millions of anchor, you think it is what? National television anchor, the mainstream TV channel first host, or the national well-known variety show host? The answer is: the top anchor domestic game broadcast platform.

game anchor worth of high, from the other hand reflects the fiery game live platform. According to AI media network data, in 2015 the number of domestic games live users is about 50 million, while in 2017 this figure will rise to 148 million, is expected in 2018, the size of the game market will reach 5 billion 120 million yuan. Influx of capital to maintain the fiery development trend of the game live platform. There have been Betta TV $20 million financing, banners TV get 110 million yuan investment, a platform game live burn intensity at.

in fact, the game live abroad has long been the rise. Twitch, the world's largest gaming platform, was founded in 2011. According to the data released by Newzoo, August 2015 to May 2016, the game fans to watch video games through Twitch long accumulated up to 803 million 700 thousand hours. August 2014, Amazon spent $970 million acquisition of Twitch.

domestic market, although the game started a little late, but the user base, high market attention, capital to participate in a positive, rapid development. For example, founded in 2015, panda TV, although late into the Council, but soon broke the game broadcast platform, Betta teeth, banners situation in a situation of tripartite confrontation. Thanks to the founder Wang Sicong extensive contacts, panda TV not only heavily invited popular players when the anchor, but also invited to join the film star, attracting a large number of fans.

game broadcast platform is still in the competition during the melee, each platform has its own advantages, but who can dominate the political arena "". With the homogenization phenomenon is more and more serious, the market competition is more intense, high digging, money flow, finance, money hit share phenomenon from It is often seen. The high growth performance to conceal the bubble, many game broadcast platform, there is no real profit. Judging from the current development situation, virtual props, advertising and game distribution is the main means of profit for the game live platform. These three means, the sale of virtual props to the fans, so as to be divided into the anchor, is currently the most stable source of income for the broadcast platform. Advertising, game distribution profit model is still groping.

, a Tencent with ALI and other Internet giants incoming game broadcast market situation will not end the feudal lords vying for the throne, and ultimately attributed to the "winner"? Let us wait and see.

"originator" show

restructuring plan although the webcast typically has a new technology product launches, new works published, broadcast and other new forms of the game, but to talk about the origin of the earliest form of live video, live show is also non mo.

show, suggests that the performance of the local, the earliest webcast is a variety of variety, talent show. In fact, the first live show originated in South Korea, and other entertainment network of more developed regions, South Korea's video chat community ten house is the first live site, mainly covers the brightest beautiful handsome talent to sing and dance performances. This form in the first China video chat community 9158 introduction of the novel form, rich content and advanced profit model make it received great attention. Subsequently, quack, YY voice, six rooms, second batch of domestic video broadcast platform came into being, and finally in 2014 in the domestic broadcast platform show craze, the size of the countless companies involved in this field, become a red sea market.

transformation is imminent.

shows the contents of no problem, find new ways of innovation and competitive become the key. First, with the popularity of the mobile Internet and the optimization of the network conditions, the gradual transfer of the network broadcast to the mobile terminal. More and more sites began to invest a lot of money for the development of mobile communication, trying to create a 7 x 24 hours of live show, show beauty, talent and performance fans interactive entertainment services, in order to all-round full time coverage of target customers. Secondly, the introduction of the O2O model also renewed the show live vitality. Netqin company launched the "beauty" show platform is a typical case. "Beauty" show and music as cooperation efforts to form a closed loop O2O entertainment. They also work with other lines under the brokerage firm, the integration of online and offline, so that online users to participate in the line under the line, the line users can participate in online activities. From the earnings data, netqin only by more than half of the time will produce the expected answer beyond transformation. There is reason to believe that all the people in this era of entertainment, as the network broadcast "originator", the show mode can still be full of new vitality.


live + electricity supplier, to create a high value Yan businessman

at present, it has long been a steady development of the electricity supplier is an urgent need to find a new breakthrough, and live is a new choice, the flow is the ability of good. The two combination is ripe, live in the air but because while looking for the realization of the business model, the electricity supplier is easily transformed into "Red Net" gold sales to start a business, with business liquidity.

in attracting users to buy, the traditional electricity suppliers pain points just being broadcast to make up. For consumers, in the electronic business platform to buy products, compared to traditional shopping, one is to obtain information is not comprehensive enough, because of the lack of professional guide is introduced; the two is the lack of social behavior, most with the customer through the text exchange. Now, "live +" to "Red Net" has become a professional shopping guide, in addition to the audience to see the face, but also to see the product ": they advance the selection of goods to the promotion of the good, and then in the live channel wear the latest clothes, show the latest bag, the latest cosmetics...... Maybe some people will say that with the traditional TV shopping is not what difference, but in fact it is between the anchor and the audience closer, more interactive, more important is to the audience once spotted what products, you can immediately purchase orders.

live in the electricity business field, so that the net red to get more sales revenue and advertising revenue. Taobao broadcast operations in March this year to start trial operation, but there have been more than 10 million mobile users to watch all kinds of live content, more than 1000 people have started their own anchor road in Taobao, the platform is currently nearly 500 live sessions every day. This not only greatly enhance the flow of Taobao, but also to speed up the realization of the speed of Taobao traffic, to achieve a network of red and electronic business platform for a win-win situation. For example, Taobao runs a beauty shop Joe West, is the first batch of Taobao "anchor", and substantial live traffic is not only to make his beauty shop in a short time on the line within a month will become the 1 Diamond shop, but also create a huge income for him, every month through live the sales revenue reached 30 thousand to 40 thousand yuan.

interesting is that the live + electricity suppliers to the previous rely on the face to eat, the net red economy, adding more technical content". Electronic business platform net red, not only need to fight the value, but also to have the overall operational capabilities, such as selling products in the supply chain construction and management, and such as product differentiation and originality. Obviously, this time the net red are more accurate for the business people are high yen value.

live + education, leading the industry application boom

"live + education" is considered to be one of the most promising market boom in the market. The characteristics of the education industry to match with a live". According to relevant statistics show that in the current vertical class TOP 10, ranking 60% in education.

compared to the traditional education model, the education broadcast more flexibility, breaking the geographical restrictions, while the interaction is stronger, the cost is lower. It is aimed at this market, including online education companies, traditional educational institutions, as well as startups, in the layout of the market to live in this market. As early as 2014 on the launch of the New Oriental Education into broadcast platform, the main language teaching live, postgraduate entrance examination and college entrance examination counseling live broadcast. In the live mode into the next, not only teachers from all over the world can apply online, but also can create even courses on Curriculum of independent pricing. And students can choose courses according to their own interests. Interestingly, as an educational broadcast platform, into full consideration to the needs of students, the video playback function is also provided in the live broadcast at the same time, even if the students missed the live broadcast also can see through the way of video catch-up".

teachers are considered to be the biggest beneficiaries of the live broadcast model. On the one hand, in the broadcast mode, the teacher teaching more convenient and flexible, not only not limited space, but also can be customized courses; on the other hand, excellent teachers will be more likely to stand out on the broadcast platform. According to the interaction in the burqa revealed that live on the platform, in 2016 there were only 300 thousand teachers through online live interactive way. With a view of the future of education industry will move toward "traditional education online, evolution trend of online education live" broadcast platform, education in the near future will be normalized form, has become an important part of the education industry.

live + tourism attractions, let "move"

live to eat, if the makeup has flat and uninteresting make people fatigued, so tourism is to live webcast to bring a breath of fresh air.

in May this year, Wong Cho Lam and his wife Leanne Li, went to Maldives to live a collective wedding ceremony, causing 900 thousand users to watch; in June, an online travel platform invited celebrities live live Zhejiang ancient town of Nanxun; and recently the Shanghai red net is the Disney Park live broadcast hot tourism. Recently, there is a broadcast platform sent more than 10 red net, Yunnan to Jiuzhaigou, Dali and other popular attractions; an online travel platform's film and television company announced live in cooperation with the Chinese prickly ash, build tourism major broadcast channels; online travel agencies began to try "live + tourism" model, through live sales and tourism products the platform.

in fact, live tourism itself can be enough to attract eyeball, different from the previous tourism products by words and pictures, live tour people can watch the scenery, experience personally on the scene and broadcast platform by inviting local customs and practices, or net red star, is attracting the attention of many fans, and travel opportunity online sales of tourism products, such as watching Disney Park live in the consumer, you can directly order Disney tickets; watching the red tourism network broadcast, you can choose the same models of tourism products, major travel agencies also have the aid of user traffic tourism live, to live as a new entrance tourism product marketing.

however, from watching live to buy into a new issue of the conversion of goods. At present, tourism broadcast picture quality is not high, the camera shake, a single scene, I am afraid it is difficult to show the real tourism products, and between broadcast platform and the tourism product purchase platform is not completely open, users watching live when direct purchase orders is not very convenient. In this regard, insiders pointed out that tourism for tourism image broadcast platform, strengthen the experience benefit effectively, but rely on broadcast to achieve performance gains across the board is not realistic, fundamental tourism products, is to meet the needs of users.