Google to respond to antitrust allegations: Android is good for everyone

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xinlangkeji· 2016-04-22 04:33:15

< p > Beijing time on April 21 News, Google today quickly to the European Union antitrust charges responded, said Google's Android business model both for mobile phone manufacturers keeps costs low, and let the consumer to have unprecedented control over their own equipment.

the European Union today initially identified, Google in the European mobile market has abused its dominant position, to the Android equipment manufacturers and network operators set unfair restrictions. The European Commission has issued a "Statement" (of Objections), Google will have 12 weeks to respond.

for the EU's allegations, Google in the official website of the blog site to respond quickly. Google said in a statement did not according to the EU's investigation results to make detailed response, but said: "we attach great importance to this matter, but we also believe that, Google's business model let a manufacturer keep low cost and great flexibility, and at the same time also can allow consumers to have unprecedented control over their own equipment. "

the following is the main content of the Google response:

1. We signed the contract with partners is completely based on voluntary, any vendor can not say hi to the premise of the use of Google Android. You can download the complete Android system free of charge, any one of the major companies, including Amazon, can do so.

2. Hope to join the Android ecosystem in the mobile phone manufacturers are committed to testing and verification of their devices to support Android applications. Without this system, it would not be possible to run on multiple Android. Can imagine: if you download an application on a Android phone, and in another alternative to Android phones (from the same vendor) but can not run, how bad that.

3. Any vendor can be installed on their devices Google system applications, you can optionally add other applications. For example, some of the current Android phone comes with a lot of applications from Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon and mobile operators.

4. Although manufacturers can be free to use Android, but we are in the development, improve, improve security and prevent the cost of litigation in the case of litigation. We provide free Android, but through the Android built-in applications and services to get revenue, so as to offset part of the cost.

5. Users can easily customize their devices, any download applications, including the application of our competitors. Such as Spotify, WhatsApp, Birds Angry, Instagram and Snapchat, users can freely install their favorite applications. Our data show that more than 50 billion applications are downloaded to the Android device.

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