The parents found the lost 8 years son didn't recognize the too big change

Son parents present Hunan nationality

tengxunxinwen· 2016-07-22 14:38:18

2016 in July 22nd, the assistance of the police in Guangzhou, 8 years ago the son lost Hunan Ji Zhou, the children finally found. But in his field, in the face of the child, Ms. Zhou couple both happy and sad, "my child is not like this, what has changed? Ms. Zhou said, he was not known. For Ms. Zhou carefully check the child's back, lost behind a scar. The East China Sea pool / Oriental IC

2008 in the evening of June 30th, Ms. Zhou's son Xiao Yang alone in Guangzhou Baiyun District of Jiahe City Plaza play lost. According to Ms. Zhou introduced the little Yang suffering from congenital heart disease, because too many drugs lead to mental retardation, when lost although already 7 years old, but IQ and two or three years old children. Now it's 15 years old! "In 8 years, Ms. Zhou and her husband put the house sold, as mobile vendors, the small positive pictures hanging in the stalls, determined to have traveled Chinese send their children back. "We have been to Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, a lot of places, 8 years, we have gone through more than half of China, but can not find. "For small Yang was at the 2008 printed photos and a missing person is already out of the newspaper.

news conference, when the police take a boy to Ms. Zhou before, "unlike before, not like this, what has changed? Ms. Zhou said in dismay. Subsequently, the police on the spot read out the results of DNA identification, confirmed that the child is the son of Ms. zhou. Pictured in the conference site, in front of the media, she stood up and bowed deeply, in presence of all who moved.

found the son of Ms. Zhou bluntly do not know how to arrange, but certainly the small yang to stay to take care of, make up for the 8 years did not take care of regret due diligence. Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau held a news conference "crackdown work according to the briefing, since last year, the Municipal Public Security Bureau crackdown office to find the missing children 56. The city to carry out tracing DNA acquisition and comparison of 405 times than in the success of 12 cases of tracing masses, let 24 abducted children family reunion. "

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