Zhao Liying also fell in love with Fan Bingbing's shoes.

Fan Bingbing Zhao Liying fall in love Amber Kuo

shishangguaitan· 2016-07-22 16:53:34

Rev. Couple on the line after the circle of powder countless, Zhao Liying strength show: silly white sweet right way to open. Sweet but not greasy, just perfect to sell adorable but not artificial.

anthomaniac, even if the male powder to say: come, I just got to the Buddha!

said, we are on the line waiting for her to tease the child dog fancy Buddha lens, preview photos, two wall thump, thump, thump, bed chair battle, sultry fancy hin.

, but, in such a romantic picture of how there is a UFO hot eyes?! Distract my attention!

look only to find that the original Zhao Liying wore a pair of thick waterproof donkey hoof shoes.....

fall, stylist you speak, formal sex really want to wear it? Long legs is important, but standing on a brick that visual sense, it is to let a person every minute of play!!

said the donkey hoof shoes called shoe ring "slots" King: coarse, stupid, stupid, the only advantage is that "".

but the magic is that it seems to be honey magic, not only will not easily take the dog, often accompanied by hot hot events, your eyes, ask you take with?

you see, earlier, angelababy and Gao Yuanyuan two "Indoorsman goddess" century with box, baby with a pair of silver donkey hoof against. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" results will be the fashion bloggers say: wear wrong shoes, lose the temperament!

said, baby is also the honey love donkey hoof, not a collection &hellip less than …

, but in recent years with clothing products promotion, most of the time, your feet are contributing to the fashionable high heels.

never thought this a "critical moment Bimei", her first thought was "donkey hoof boots", you said is not true? Have you moved? Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" this pair of "toxic" shoes recently also the results of the Gloria Tang. The magic of the collocation of her pants, also can feel prosperous forever.

if the entertainment is not the black shoes poison the female star, I find a circle is not really, even if Ni Ni, Xun Zhou s, also had this "ugly shoes" moment.

said this trend is Fan Xiaopang with, I believe no one will against. Every time she does not wear the donkey hoof, the media can write an article "Fan Bingbing finally shoes" Hi Pu Ben, so repeatedly.

but chubby? The shoes only occasionally, and love the donkey hoof is Tianhuangdilao Haikushilan … … recently her playing female new styling, feel the shoes could fly out as a weapon! Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" black, silver, of course a lot of these basic models. As the first home chubby ass hoof donkey hoof to shoes, shoes, but with other color changes.

was originally a nude color of the shoes are relatively leg length, but on the hoof body, completely without!

style skirt is picturesque, Xian Qi full. Oh wait, it will lead to trouble on the white hoof?! Or do not look good foot … …

had some weird colors, is also very exciting … …

so carefully has seven colors, dear you are to summon the dragon?

every time I see those beautiful fairy and chubby shape just want to boast about, she went to a pair of shoes on the donkey hoof, beauty and temperament have been dropped negative.

from a public why chubby actress for this pair of shoes ugly obsession? We look at a group of contrast diagram ah. You see, with chubby as an example, the same is high, but the donkey's hoof plus waterproof thickness significantly increased height.

you know, now the female stars, no high-heeled shoes feel shy against 10C. In the face of a tall actress wearing high heel, short actress how to break it, such as Michelle Chen, Amber Kuo, the only out of the donkey hoof.

, but to be honest, this price is higher, the visual "heavy head light foot, Hin damage ratio. My height and fat enough, she obviously wear pointed high-heeled enough ah ah … …

I guess, like chubby ass hoof. The biggest reason is probably because the donkey hoof shoes make her "steady" point. As everyone knows, fat is a component of the female stars, stiletto Zouqilulai to the focus of instability, compared to a relatively heavy head donkey hoof shoes, may be wearing not so comfortable.

so when we are Tucao when she so ugly shoes, also keep in mind fat may also have cannot say painstakingly … …

" in fact, the other can usually xiaopang activities to learn her red carpet style and put on the skirt, the shoes cover, so who cares what shoes do you wear? I believe she is a pair of red carpet inside the donkey hoof?

or with than she weight tonnage fat beauty dumb to learn about wearing thick heels to keep body balance, as long as the collocation well, also can go out ladies fan children.

thick heels or quietly blowing this trend Oh, I think the two pairs are quite suitable for small fat.

to the summer, also want fat with a good head, let the donkey hoof heavy temporarily disappeared from view!

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