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Chinese men's basketball team kung fu

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in the recent warm-up match with the French team, the Chinese men's basketball team has a fight again. Although it did not make big, who is wrong and who can not say clearly, but we can not help but ask, the Chinese men's basketball, how can you play? />

group is divided into two stages, the first stage ended, Brazil had two players in the team Chinese direction little poke out at the time, for provocation. Cause the conflict to happen again, and the game has been interrupted for nearly 20 minutes. Rushed in front of the Su Wei after being diagnosed right hand fractures, also missed the end of the Guangzhou Asian games. Zhou Peng in the conflict in the knee and Yue Sun's forehead was injured, Zhang Qingpeng's head deposited on the ice and was rushed to the hospital. Zhu Fangyu's invincible combination of boxing became a classic". />

1.6; ">2001 Championships Fighting in Lebanon, punishment involving the number of 9 people, a total fine of 150 thousand, the highest single 20 thousand, the protagonist of the event was suspended for a. It is worth mentioning that the two are suspended for the FIBA Asia penalties, Chinese association did not make any suspension of the measures.

2005 Davis Cup and Puerto Rico brawl, punishment involving the number of 16 people, up to a total of 176 thousand, the highest single 20 thousand, no ban.

in the serious conflict with Brazil after the 2010 national team, Chinese basketball penalty decision: coach he was fined 50 thousand, leader Zhang Xiong, Zhu Fangyu, Ding Jinhui and Su Wei three people were fined 30 thousand, other participants fined 20 thousand yuan, no player was suspended. Two months after the FIBA also made the punishment decision, Deng Huade was suspended for 3 games, a fine of 40 thousand Swiss francs (about 270 thousand yuan). In fact, so far, no record in the FIBA commercial game no one knows what will be punished according to fiba. The association is the pain after practice, like two kids fight, his parents foreign always scolding their children, but the door closed or protected, of course, such punishment is also to a certain extent to protect the national team competition strength.

2, domestic players training time is too long to suppress irritable mentality of our country

as everyone knows, the implementation of the separation of athletes training the physical education system, the team spent most of playing. For a long time, boring training will make their character to a certain degree of depression, it is likely to erupt at some point. Yao Ming once mentioned in his autobiography, when faced with an endless authority of the training, the training time is incredibly long, idle time is incredibly short, then the training is not fun at all." />

for the national team for a long time training before competition is also very easy to let the players have irritable mood. As this year's Olympic Games year, CBA League time span is 5 months from November 2011 to 2012 April, the national team, the first batch of players training time from the beginning of March 21st, until the July 28th Olympic Games before the opening, for some players, training time even longer than the League time.

basketball players need passion, and really enjoy that passion, rather than passion for hostility. Style= text-align:center "

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