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in just published the fortune world top 500 list, the Apple Corp once again become the focus, not only because the first time among the top 10, ranking first in the list of science and technology enterprises.

"fortune" the world's 500 top ranked 10, apple 9

also with a profit of $53 billion 400 million, surpassing all companies list, on the list of profit champion, four line "construction workers in agriculture" behind.

Apple 2015 earn most of company

in the "fortune" magazine recently released the world's top 500 rankings, Apple's $233 billion 700 million in revenue for the first time into the top 10, ranked ninth, its 2015 revenue is up 27.9%, Apple has become the top 10 only to achieve positive growth of enterprise revenue.

in the "fortune" magazine also published 50 of the world's top 500 most profitable companies, apple to $53 billion 400 million profit more than ICBC, return to profit list title, "four lines construction workers in agriculture" only with the subsequent, points out 2-5.

"on Apple's most profitable company

in addition to the" fortune "magazine published data, apple is also in the forefront of the global value brand list. According to Tenet Partners (U.S. CoreBrand America's core brand index Index) annual update data show that in 2016 the most valuable brand rankings, apple ranked fifth, but in terms of growth, apple ranked first. In 2016, all of the indicators have increased, among them, the brand reputation is one of the largest growth.

"the most valuable brands, apple ranked No. 5

brand consultancy Tenet Partners said that apple is one of the fastest brand list" growth". Ahead of apple, only Walt Disney, Bayer, Hershey, Coca-Cola 4 companies.

said Apple's source of income, many people will think of the apple iPhone mobile phone, in October last year, the daily mail in the article "iPhone how to add up all the other than mentioned intelligent mobile phone money", apple won the mobile industry 90% of the profits, more important contribution to sales visible on its profits is iPhone. But

, Apple's App Store is one of the important factors for sales of iPhone, according to market statistics agency IDC in a report released in May this year, said that as of the end of 2015, the worldwide number of mobile applications installed on the device has nearly 156 billion, Revenue $34 billion 200 million (excluding advertising), which Apple App Store in the top income accounted for 58% of the share. IDC expects the number of mobile applications will reach 210 billion in 2020, and these applications will achieve revenue of $57 billion.

in addition, the recent global tour of a hot hand travel pocket monster: GO, Apple's revenue in the game even more than one of the developers of the game Nintendo. Currently in the United States "Pokemon" GO: the number of game player has reached 21 million people, with apple App Store based on the game player into the pattern of consumption, apple can obtain "Pokemon: GO" in the App Store income of 30%, while only 10% belong to Nintendo. The

hypothesis "Pokemon: GO" (all the global market will be launched) penetration rate will eventually reach 20%, Apple users earn 5 cents from each income, theoretically, apple in the next 12~24 months is expected to get 3 billion dollars (about 20 billion yuan) income.

Apple watch sales Kuangxiang 55%

although apple is the most profitable company in 2015, but could not cover the potential danger, including the decline in iPhone sales, the first quarter of this year, after the flagship product iPhone in 9 consecutive years of record sales growth in the first quarter, but rare underground slipped 16%, shipments fell to 51 million of. The sales decline is a direct drag on the shares of the Apple Corp, in its second quarter earnings after the announcement, Apple shares suffered a continuous decline in May 6th, had dropped to $91.85, compared to 4 at the end of last year compared with $134.54, or up to 31%, but its share price has rebounded in the following.

"iPhone sales (quarterly, millions of units), data source: Zacks Investment Research

in response to declining sales, Apple has launched the iPhone SE, but the performance of the products after the launch is just passable, these exacerbated the market concerns about the performance of apples this year.

however, apple is not just worried about iPhone, because Apple watches sales are crazy. U.S. market consulting firm IDC latest data show that Apple watches sales in the second quarter of this year, sales of 1 million 600 thousand, compared with 3 million 600 thousand in the same period last year fell by 55%.

as the first new product since Cook replaced Jobs, apple watches were high hopes, but Apple watches sales decline and even drag the entire smart watch market, shipments in the two quarter of the entire industry fell 32% over the same period last year.

"Apple watch sales (source: Wall Street informative)

although apple still occupy the leading position in the smart watch market, but market shipments accounted for more than 72% from a year ago has shrunk to 47% competitors are catching up. Samsung smart watches shipments rose 51% to 600 thousand in the same period, Lenovo's Motorola smart watches rose 75% to 300 thousand.

"brand shipments of smart watches accounted for (source: Wall Street knowledge

) in addition, other new products such as apple, modified Apple TV and new Apple music service, iPhone and iPad are currently unable to offset the impact of the decline in sales.

IDC said that although the retailer is now on sale Apple watches, but consumers may delay the purchase, waiting for this year's Apple released a new version of the watch.

of course, so that consumers have to wait and see the new version of iPhone.

(every one from the Wall Street knowledge, daily mail, every network, Tencent, etc.)

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