"Candle" high Ming words interpretation: how a rough prototype to GDC stage?

How the stage

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to see a game designer goods, you will know he spent his time in where. < span style = "line-height: 1.6; >

before soon, Beijing indie game" candle "with Microsoft's Xbox team at the game developers conference in San Francisco, exhibited, received a lot of attention. In grape Jun view, the producer of "candle" Gao Ming the pursuit of game design desire preterhuman, his learning ability is also in recent years made visible progress. What is his design philosophy like? How did he learn the game design, a step by step to grow up? "Candle person" is how from Jam Game in a rough prototype was made today such a boutique? Grape king and sing about game design, level design and game designers of self development of a long conversation about, in the hope that the majority of developers who can benefit from it, especially for game designers.

Gao Ming in the game of grapes share level design experience

grape king: "candle" is the beginning of the concept is the role of candle itself? />

started at Jam Game, the one I did two creative. At that time, the theme is "ten seconds, I think a creative is eagle in the sky flying, because Eagle successful flight height if perpendicular subduction of about 10 seconds can be born to do successful subduction of feeling. There is a bright ten seconds, when I was holding the unity in the worker's default model, he will light the torch lit around, and then I took the box to take the terrain, you will die. />

"candle people" in the design of the manuscript

actually I also has been in to this problem, in the end game is what? Because I read a lot of your book about the narrative, I think the film industry has a very deep understanding of the film, the film is a story of the media. I think they have a good faith in this. I also believe. But for the game, I still can't believe it's a new narrative media, but I didn't find for a good definition of game, so for this, so from the story from the point of view to design a game, rather than from the perspective of gameplay to design may not Kaopu. />

grape Jun: so when it is determined that this is a mechanism of the pilot, a close off the game? When did the story of the game start to think about? />

this game score high, I have not been so high before. I want to send the player to try to let the player, but that is too rough, so later we adjust the map ah what, and then do some new points, added a number of interface and then sent a. In a total of two weeks, one of the key points is to add a story. Story is an engineer in the study of how the things endowed with artificial intelligence, then possessed by the devil, and his soul is sealed to the candlestick above. Because the memory well, it is necessary to the adventure that is how to return a responsibility, the conception is to encourage people or to communication with people, not over indulge.

candle of modeling and the story closely linked

but is not satisfactory, although the home page is recommended, player comments also relatively high. Finally, why not do is for two reasons. The first is the story I within a short period of time to write, the second is this is a PC and console games, in home at that time can not do, no distribution channels, so wait until more than a year after selected ID, I began to do the but still stuck in the story here.

at that time for business and professional point of view to consider, I cannot in the story is not the hastily began production of content, because this game in the future all the content must be around a story to spread if now do something in the future are possible because the cause of the story demolish. We include the traditional mode of drama to take out, dozens of that father and son conflict, what the prince revenge ah what (editor's note: 36 kinds of drama pattern, the Thirty-six dramatic situation), began to set, then all sets, what love ah, revenge, genocide, there are not satisfied with the.

reason is not unique. I always felt the story than it is none other than the, I think it has a non belong to him the story, if I do not want to come out, I think I am disappoint him. It is the control of a candle in the dark to light their own, in the combustion, very uncertain, very confused feeling. That role in the side of the station, do not need any play and the screen, it makes people feel that he is a person with a story, and the story may be a little bit of a tragic color, so I am particularly persistent. A month later, when I was driving, I was very anxious, very dark, I would like to change a point of view, I think of him as a person standing there, in the dark, I asked him, who are you ah? Who the hell are you? What kind of stories do you have? Then asked, inspiration appeared.

"candle people" in the story to expend kongfu quite, but Gao Ming think money value

start I think is the theme of an ordinary person, ordinary life state. But then when I sold the story to the people, I found that there was always a place where I could not persuade them. There are some places where there is little to say, until later, through our repeated discussions, this thing the more you say the more you understand. Finally, the theme of the lock to the ability to limit, and later we also understand that, I think there is no problem on the start to do. The story was born quite twists and turns, but we are still very satisfied with the results.

grape Jun: I see level there are a lot of very interesting elements are and light related, such as being light stimulation will open the poisonous flower, by the light of the guidelines to drift of the lotus leaf, is something that you have what the design reference? How did they come up with that?

Gao Ming: < / strong > games the gameplay design is divided into two classes, a class is before they have, for example, we in the dark to explore, there are some surrounding obstacles can hurt you, these things are already did. Including the ball, the ball will hit you, but its light can also illuminate the surrounding. Including the tracking of your robot, you have an ignition it with the guards to catch up with you, these are all.

this is why I said the story first, with has some play, we go back and think it brought to people's emotional experience is what appearance of, we will according to the needs of narrative read it will bring a what kind of feeling to the players, it is feeling depressed, or feel smooth, comfortable, still feel quite shocking, we will according to these feelings to arrange the gameplay. Which is why we have just mentioned, the fireball and robot ultimately did not appear inside in the first three chapters of the game, because their gaming experience does not, we will add it in the fourth chapter, because the fourth chapter will experience that suppress your feelings.

Gao Ming said, the biggest challenge from in there is a class of level design

, we is not a story, we for the general emotional experience, "the story of the development of a general planning. So for example, we in the middle of the story, we hope let players start to feel a it started to go on an adventure, began to gradually to display their abilities, begin to show their ability and obtain the corresponding reward feeling. />

"candle people" level editor

we spend a lot of time doing 60, but finished we found some levels are not fun, some gameplay depth is not enough, some forms of gameplay may be wrong, so we will again to adjust. For example, some of the second chapter is the beginning of a thorn ball thing, you light it will become large, but the feeling is too strong, and later we have repeated testing, to identify the point. Actually change a point of view, it can be thought of as a fruit, ceiling light after fruit ripening and fell down, somewhat similar to the durian, some damage, but will make its appearance and dynamic more to fruit ripening to do, so that it will be more of.

and play some words, we found that the depth is not enough or the performance of the force is not, we will be deleted, the remaining 20 off some gameplay is deleted, and some gameplay, there will be new changes. For example, the second chapter has a light hand will bomb up, that in fact, the beginning we have to do, but I later found out that it is not enough, then do the version of an extension, it can turn, floating in the air, similar to a more mature state. />

"candle" of a checkpoint, around the plant in the light will give birth to fatally stab, visual effect is amazing

of grapes Jun: what do you think of as an independent game development team, the difficulties you face?

Gao Ming: < / strong > I think for us more suffering is still above the level of production, whether it is the basis for the development of ability, such as art, program, for the engine to use ah, like the technical level, also in the design level, planning capacity is also a gap. In general, the gap is still in the level of game design and development. < span style = "line-height: 1.6;" > I have been trying to make up, for example, I would carefully to see the article on your hair, as well as some foreign new things, within us, I will do a thing is to see I think all of you have the help of East West translated into Chinese, it and send it to you.

1.6;" so I know in the translation of those things, including what is called conceptual design, including how to use Mario's method to the design level, the purpose is to give people inside, the concept of design I will give all of us art to see, let them know what is the conceptual design; then I will give us the level design, we plan to see these doorways in level design, how to do what, then we read, I will put this part of content on the web to the other, there is demand people go to see. So I think the main difficulty is here. But the other team's words, may be difficult or above the funds, which I think we are okay. />

grape Jun: the future of the candle, do you have anything to look forward to? />

"candle people" go to now I think there have been some success. Include it before it can get a small range of success. I myself on the one hand, there are some lucky, on the one hand, there are some fear. On the one hand, I think the reason why it is successful is because of my efforts, or because of my opportunities. At the same time I also think, we now grasp the success of these, but in the end we can succeed to what extent? I mean, we play this game, how good can it be? How much can it be recognized? Go a little farther to think, I personally, I have been in the game industry, and ultimately can get much success? I have been thinking about this problem. I think

when can put aside the technical level of obstacles, no longer subject to the limits of technology and knowledge, you go to a game, eventually showing a state depends to you is a how of person. < / strong > this may be innate, as I personally although there has been in contact with many types of games, but some games I is unmoved, trend of the development of the game industry a lot, such as mainframe technology innovation what, although I saw that it was very excited, but I wouldn't really be moved by it.

but, I in the long, long time no contact to the Nintendo things, I by 3DS or Wii to contact it's game, I may look will be attracted, I would agree with their game, some creative and expressive. When I more deeply to understand them, for example Nintendo or other designers some ideas, for example for game content innovation rather than gaming technology innovation, including for game narrative inquiry, including my recent book in Pixar. They are doing animation actually more is for story stressed and expression, but not outside we see they used the flashy animation technology. I will be from the bottom of my heart. />

in the game before I realized that, before I thought I was closer to like Palace Benmao fun first designer, but later in the project in the process I found I am not. For example, there is a paranoid desire for the story, and I am very strong expression of the self, including in the Jam Game is the same, I would like to express their views. So it may be the last to be different. So on the one hand, I am also very curious, on the one hand, I am very worried about what I was like a piece of material, this feeling. After

grape Jun: my own personal feeling is, some games at the beginning of your original intention is such, but you can do a certain degree, the game is going is not completely is the palm of your hand, sometimes you in every step of the way to make a decision, you can obviously see only the decision is correct, so you can choose the this decision, then there is a game on their own down the growth of feeling, it will grow to be a final appearance. />

yes, yes. Do this game, in fact, this feeling. Actually, we are not at the level to explore, but we in digging down that kind of stuff, it seems to be said that originally there, as if the story like it as originally there, at least I can't see this story, I just dig down the story, but I'm really seems to know it already the story waiting for me. Until I found the story, I think it's better than that.

a good-looking and fun water level

grape Jun: you have read some classic narrative books? />

I see, I am doing this game when I made up a lot of story content. When I first began to look at the time, I found the "writer's journey" that book, the book seems to be more close to the actual number of heroes, right, I see. Later, I read the "Story (story)" that book, I think that it is also very good, it is better than the "writer's trip" may be more close to the traditional story of a little. I from the inside to get a concept, is for the story is concerned, in fact, what will matter is not your grammar, but in the circumstances of the story itself, may again to the deep point, author itself desperately want the willingness to storytelling, it says you must really from the bottom of Lung Fu wanted to tell a story, and the story you want to experience empathy, you need to have a deep feeling to tell a good story.

high Ming reading of the story (story)", this is story - novelist, playwright, film and animation director, essential reading

we this game, play do the very severe, tell a good story we want to, from the perspective of experience, we feel this try very hard to, there is no content can be used for reference in particular. So on the one hand, I am very worried, but on the other hand, I am not too worried about, is a fundamental problem. For example, the source of this story, I think we are right, at least I have a very want to tell the story. I have a lot of my own feelings in it. How to do the specific implementation may have to look at our level.

of grapes Jun: I think you specific, or to watch game testing to know what specific feel of the game. />

on, we actually did two tests. Is found on the outside, did not play games, then also ask them some gameplay and story, for example in this chapter you have what feeling, you remember something, and then you feel that he is talking about. When we started our cutscenes just to show from the way of animation, there is no voice. />

grape Jun: said so many game design things, I have a very curious question. In your opinion, how to start a new game design? />

because I can program well, so that designers can do things out is the best. I'm a perfect game designed to promote the game, go to the documentation of this person. Can not write, I will not write. I proved by practice that this is valid, and it is useless to write a document. />

Gao Ming mentioned a paper prototype in the gaming industry is designer's standard tool for

original things not so well, is full of problems, < strong > your newly created a rule. He also represents the you have to discover many rules, you have to solve these problems. < / strong > these problems in the document is not imagine, only to do it, you play, in order to find what the problem is, how to tune. Now the tool is so developed, everyone in the studio is used, there is no excuse that I really do not come out. Or

of grapes Jun: Yes, there is a very important concept is something you can use, whether it is a pen and paper and cardboard box or to the things you want to do as soon as possible to do it. />

on. On the other hand, there are many I think right, do you think what is right, and not other developers don't know, they know they'll like we see technology innovation is game industry leather Sony, they will look at, but they won't believe this East West. Sometimes I spent a lot of time and energy to step on the pit summed up the experience, and then I tell you directly, you can go directly to the pit, you can quickly progress. />

grape Jun: in fact, I think very confused, because I study every good games, including "her story" or, "hearthstone" or, "radiation" or, or the recent very fire the Royal war ", behind the development of the organization are in the set of almost the same design, but you to see who is not so good as those in groups, they just don't see the logic. />

I am also very early with our team of people say, how do you do? first step you want to know what is good, the second step, you have to know why he is good, the third step you have to dare to do it , do you understand what it means? Not that you have the problem of ability, but you have to dare to go. For example, I told you to describe our level design process, I can tell you, I can teach you, I can give you to do it, you dare to use it in your game? Including the concept of the design of these things, you said that we do not know the original? />

for me too, I can't control myself, before I want is what I will be. Now I'm just saying I think I can become. These things I think have set in there. A lot of things. We can only say that it has been played out.

look very different, but the radiation 4" and "the Royal war" has very similar design

grape Jun: that the next job have what plan? />

we are doing this year to imitate Picks's way of working, they have a comment on the way, I think it is very good, we have done two times. We did two things, the first thing is to comment on the game, we will have a person to play, everyone can comment on any aspect of the game. I think we do this in this way, in fact, we can be free to mention the views, some of the very small place to mention, I feel particularly good. I could to collect a lot of my own to feedback

and the exchange of people also get promotion, and then, finally, we can really is more comprehensive to improve our game, from the point of view of each person to improve the game, because each person's feeling is not the same, his professional are not the same. Make we are still a like Pixar, work and life will be a public discussion, we will do such a job, regular everyone together to chat there is no think the work process, what are the bad place, or what good place, I have to not good place to try to solve, then, so, including all aspects of work and life. But we still can not put it open, but in fact, has been much better than before.

we found may before some people always want to do some conceptual design work, but we don't know. Then we can put their enthusiasm to mobilize, then they will be happy. Then there are some inappropriate work place, we will think how to improve, including how the coffee machine, we have just started, we will use the coffee machine, so it is very good. So in fact our words, but also to all the way, through our cooperation, our process to ensure that our works in the end is an optimal state. />

grape Jun: when the game can be on the line? />

July finish, plus the audit process, then, may be able to play in September. />

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