To explore the traces between Blizzard game player and spy war drama

Blizzard drama game player

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for game makers, keep the interaction with the game player groups is very important.

even when they could not get what games, also can through frequent brush face mix a familiar face, let the game player know what manufacturers are now busy and plan for the future is how.

good for everyone to get the money in your pocket.

especially like Blizzard enterprises, when they jump out when it was announced that some things, many highly anticipated game player monologue is this: < / p>

"you don't say, I also buy it? "

in fact, Blizzard this more than and 20 years to deal with the player has had some changes in the way.

the beginning of the blizzard, with a number of landmark game firmly grasp the heart of the players - "Diablo", "StarCraft", "Warcraft".

the game works turned out for real-time strategy (RTS) and action role-playing game (ARPG) set a new benchmark for the industry, also let the game player indulge them this way. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" however the game is always "out of date" that day, at that time had moved, players will look forward to more.

can stand in the previous sequel based on more sophisticated? A pair of watery eyes staring at blizzard.

has always been on their own high standards and strict requirements in order to respond to the blizzard game player of this expectation, developed a bad habit of bouncing.

in a long period of time, Blizzard game player for the most criticized is delayed indefinitely.

every official promised release date approaching, when they used various excuses to dodge: "we think before the work is still not perfect, need more time to improve".

in the course of time, bouncing seems to have become a habit, and the game player in addition to complain, also still to have their favorite game expectations.

about this thing, Blizzard is still in its own game which set the official tucao. Such as "watch" pioneer role in "Tobey ang" has a line is to say: "

"when you ask me what can be done? Well, when I'm done! "

tone is very proud. In addition to the development of the project was canceled, the Titan, Blizzard's new work rarely let players disappointed.

later, Blizzard overextend growing, in the storm "," hero "and" watch "hearthstone pioneer" and other new games have been launched after they had rarely bounced.

even a lot of new contents are released and the game player be caught off guard, loaded in the on-line soon after. For example, "third" hearthstone legendary adventure mode "of the association", was released after a week on the line.

operation in a number of games at the same time, and to ensure the update frequency under the condition that the play bounced for Blizzard their The loss outweighs the gain.. And they gradually found a new way to interact, to attract the attention of the players and the media.

that is the contents of their work all hidden in the corner, then leave some traces, let the game player to discover their own smile, finally see light suddenly. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" in a lot of Blizzard games have a similar example.

"furnace stone legend" as a card game of war, must continue to introduce new cards to maintain the freshness of the game and life. Blizzard will send an invitation to the media before the release of each piece of information.

and each invitation in addition to write clearly put it down in black and white text information, but also other potentially important information. Class= img_box "

such as pattern, decoration, and even background music. For example, there is a

foreign media in receipt of Blizzard hearthstone Legends: "on the trial of the champion" this piece of information the invitation, they took a short video to the game player show the original invitation. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p", but at the same time, in the background there is a music, sounds like a mobile phone to play. Ordinary people hear the music won't have too much attention.

and wait until the real piece of information released, we found this piece of music is "trial of the champion" piece of theme music.

in the "storm hero" in the game, whenever there is a new content to be released, the official will update some specious micro-blog to do notice, but does not specify the content. For example,

about the upcoming new hero "this year's ChinaJoy debut of the archangel Olyer hope", we see micro-blog is this:

but was not any other specific information, will debut at CJ is another story. For example,

hero "guardian Maddie article" the video, at the end of an evil Orc into chaos:

is like a movie trailer egg, many game player are guessing the orc is who. Is the new Regal skin? Or Guldan came to the hub of the time and space?

finally proved that the man is Guldan, he is followed by Maddie after the launch of the new hero.

after the blizzard game player gradually find nuanced observation, they also understand one thing: a lot of time to attract game player did not want to rely on the game itself (of course, this does not mean that the game can cut corners), sometimes also can through other media have good results, even the game player can revolve these contents more discussion.

so we saw a variety of official Blizzard animation and animated short film. As a complement to the game itself and another way to release information.

then Blizzard has also changed in the video to add more cumbersome information.

in the "watch pioneer" first new hero "Anna" the story of the video, a white flash at the end of the video, and it's not actually white. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" to adjust the contrast of the high screenshot, you will find that the two digit or letter combination of the composition of the coding map. Class= img_box "

ASCII (American Standard Code for information interchange), still do not see any meaning. But as long as the number "23" as the key, you can get a word of spanish. And the words of Spanish Translation: "who can grasp the information, who mastered the power. "

" watch "because Anna is the pioneer twenty-second heroes, so as the key number" 23 "is likely to symbolize the hero of the upcoming next.

not only that, after Anna formally launched, "watch pioneer" of the design director Geoff published a developer video, to tell us about the recent "watch pioneer" of the program. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" at the end of the video, the picture is very unnatural to flash the following pattern.

with previous video hidden mystery, what is the intention of more game player wants to crack behind blizzard, after the end of the video lengbuding this picture is too unusual.

really is the It is as expected, with 128 Code black white bar code to get a string of 16 hexadecimal numbers, which are then converted into a binary number and made into a two-dimensional code scan code, and get a little spanish.

translation is: "is it very simple? Now that I have your attention, let's play a hard time. "The

tone sounds like twenty-third new heroes will say, the information showing the way is also very like that shown on a video. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p", of course, as a cryptography white, see these decoding process can only sigh unknown. But Blizzard can leave this information, it is enough to prove that they have reached a good interaction between the player and the player.

is after this war spy thriller plot will continue to unfold? Let's wait and see.

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