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xinlangkeji· 2016-07-23 04:52:38

Sina shares Beijing time 22, when iPhone, iPad and Mac sales fell across the board, the impact of Apple's profits can be imagined.

Businessinsider reported that this fall, Apple has to be released by the new product to reverse the situation, the most important is the iPhone, before the sale of 6S iPhone is too disappointing.

for iPhone will be released this fall -- let's call it iPhone 7 - what it is, analysts have generally reached a consensus.

obviously, apple is taking a big risk. Deutsche Bank Research Report

display, iPhone 7 will have some place to upgrade, but after all, it is more like now exist on the market iPhone. Class= img_box "

iPhone "content_img_p" concept map.

in fact, apple is to extend their upgrade cycle from two years to three years. Previously, apple is approximately every year to launch a new model, while in the middle of the year, they are similar to the basic hardware and the upgrading of the components, a new generation of collocation.

is third years old this year, but the new iPhone is still largely in use in 2014. This is not good news for future sales.

Quartz survey found that if the iPhone did not re design, the current owners of only 10% will buy a new product. Insider

Tech's Kovac (Kovach Steve) said that he is considering to ignore the iPhone upgrade - although he was originally a mobile phone every year to change.

perhaps, apple is to extend the update period of two years to three years. In fact, apple earlier this year also confirmed that the life expectancy is three years, said iPhone.

this means that people buy less iPhone than before.

Deutsche Bank estimates, although the iPhone 7 than 6S may sell well, but overall sales outlook is not optimistic, even this fall, aware of the number of points of the apple production will be lower than the previous mobile phone.

of course, this also means that if Apple introduced a truly new in 2017, a strong sales momentum of the new iPhone, it will explode already hold up to upgrade the consumer market. (Zi Jin)

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