France's president said the French aircraft carrier will strike again in the fight against IS

France aircraft carrier gust fighter

zhongguoxinwenwang· 2016-07-23 07:30:12

France USS De Gaulle

22, according to the Russian satellite network reported that French President Hollande in the National Security Council said after the meeting, De Gaulle of France, the flagship aircraft carrier will be at the end of September to return to the Persian Gulf in the fight against Islamic state terrorist (IS) the action against terrorism. It is reported that the meeting discussed the consequences of nice terrorist attacks.

pointed out that "the De Gaulle aircraft carrier will arrive in the Middle East in the end of September. It is in our wind to increase the participation of the aircraft in Syria and Iraq 'Islamic state' positions to fight. "His statement was broadcast live on the French BFMTV television.

2015 France De Gaulle aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean and the Persian Gulf to participate in several attacks against the Islamic state of the fight. This spring the carrier returned to Toulon, the maintenance of a few months, then go to a series of tests. The news said that this fall the Persian Gulf mission after the French aircraft carrier will return to the dock and stay for a year and a half.

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