A Jiao has to do four days after marry Bridesmaid worry

A Jiao the maid of honor twins SA

wangyiyule· 2016-07-23 10:58:11

entertainment in July 23 NetEase reported according to Hongkong media reports, Twins yesterday (July 22nd) at English bookmark name, the day before Chen Yan mentioned the Greek sisters, has done four times. Gillian Chung (A Jiao) said no do bridesmaids, after will marry not worry. Cai Zhuoyan (Sa), and not worry about the sisters as his maid of honor, together a proposal about marriage, "in the same year on the same day".

Twins and Dr.Tann English teacher yesterday (July 22nd) at the book fair will attract fans attending the signature size, support the scene, a Sa that works included Twins sing English songs: "we've had a nursery dish, did not expect sales is the highest. Tann Miss and I have known for a long time, so together out of a textbook, to increase the interest of children to learn english. Asked the next will want to launch their own English books? She said with a smile: "not for the time being, but also to continue to work hard. "

" shoot "all wrong team?

referred to A Jiao, Chen Yanxi, as the sister group, was praised as the most beautiful sister group, a Sa immediately on behalf of the answer: she has always been our combination of the yen to play! Unfortunately, I can't go to the funeral because, we have talked about how to play a good early and best man buy clothes to buy shoes, but there is no way. "Asked whether the groomsman play very tricky? A Jiao said: "OK, the boys should be able to cope with. (you are too beautiful, many to what they did?) Of course not, it doesn't matter! "She also said that the wedding day did not encounter", "bamboo plate alongside Dr.Tann A Jiao said:" the best to do not know where to go! "A Jiao had smiled and said:" they may be wrong team I didn't see what! "

has done four bridesmaids to stop being the

refers to the wedding day, Chen Yan was pregnant and had to drink, A Jiao is denied, and may be asked to do the baby's godmother? She immediately said son dry dry daughter, many times, and make the bridesmaid she said: "don't be too many bridesmaids, will marry out, so to stop doing, has been done four times! "There is a young heart! A Sa asked A Jiao: "then I get married, you don't do (Bridesmaid)? All together! Not (the same year) were born on the same day, I hope (the same year) on the same day! "

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