Carina Lau and her daughter mother beautiful cherry blossoms in Japan

Carina Lau Japan mother cherry blossoms

fenghuangyule· 2016-04-22 05:52:52

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Carina Lau and his mother

Phoenix Entertainment News recently, Carina Lau went to Japan to attend the event. 22 afternoon, she in micro Bo drying out drying out and mother cherry blossom viewing photos, 2 people of mother and daughter in the cherry tree intimate photo and warmth. Carina Lau wrote: "this may be the only one in Tokyo has not withered cherry tree, I wish you a happy mother's day ahead of time. "< photos, Carina Lau short hair and sunglasses tide full range of children also show the one leg, and Carina Lau mother although old, but very beautiful temperament.

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