An old car factory, the building master used what technology to make it into the art factory?

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in the last century, the" Motor City "in Detroit, many of the classic old car from a luxury car brand - PA Card (Plant Packard). Packard bid farewell to the old car factory busy noisy scene, once became the explorers paradise, graffiti world. Today, the Venice Biennale in 2008 the Golden Lion Award winner Greg Lynn (Greg Lynn) of the innovation, Packard take on an altogether new aspect.

the famous architect Greg Lynn used Tianbao mixed reality technology and Microsoft HoloLens glasses, new idea and design of the historic abandoned car factory. The construction project is a project commissioned, as part of the U.S. Pavilion at the 2016 Venice Biennale in Italy (May 28th to November 27th) on display.

Packard car factory turned into achievement, knowledge and innovation center "

"achievement, knowledge and innovation center" is Greg Lynn of the Packard car factory to design results. For the transformation of Packard car factory, the new buildings by incorporating innovation manufacturing, independent transportation logistics and retail network robot, a transportation hub, industrial parks, factories and universities together, the achievements of a person, including the product, robot and creative internet.

the historic building two layer is the distribution function, including an online retail logistics center, a food handling station, an unmanned electric car called the "warehouse and a UAV landing platform. The upper layer consists of four enterprise R & D centers and an auditorium / conference center. The main body of the building is the five two tier University satellite building, which is connected by an aisle at the fourth floor. This aisle supports 4 reconfigurable collaborative space, which can be moved and docked to the center of the R & D center and Conference Center in accordance with seasonal demand. In the middle position of the top R & D park below and logistics center, is a 1.7 mile long highway logistics UAV, connect the car in 25 existing liftway, establish an efficient channel for smart mobile devices and materials and goods.

Design and collaborative scene

Tianbao mixed reality technology project (Mixed-Reality Program) director Aviad Alma (Aviad Almagor), said that mixed reality technology is a revolutionary change The three-dimensional digital model is liberated from the constraints of the two-dimensional screen into the real world, which brings a completely different way to interact with the data, and realize the transformation from the information to the experience exchange. This technology can change the way of customer's consumption, interaction and data communication.

with mixed reality Tianbao and Microsoft HoloLens glasses, can display the design idea of true to life, and reduce the number between model and real world gap. By using this technique, Grego Lynn is able to form a hologram of the real world to experience the 3D model of his analysis "physical environment hypothesis", the efficiency of communication between the design scene, and improve the efficiency of team collaboration with customers, and shorten the design cycle.

at present, Tianbao company is working with Microsoft to develop a new generation of tools, through integration, running Windows 10 operating system on the HoloLens platform to improve the hologram, buildings and structures in the design, construction and operation of the quality, efficiency and cooperation.

about Greg Lynn

Greg Lynn Greg Lynn (Greg Lynn FORM) firm founder, and University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) College of art and Architecture (School of the Arts and Architecture) was a professor, and in 2010 by the American artist Organization (United States Artists) as a senior scholar.

in the use of computer aided design, Greg Lynn has been in the field of architecture firm frontier design. Projects related to the firm, publications, teaching and writing in the promotion of advanced design and manufacturing technology and the popularity of the use of influential. The firm is a design oriented team, has a unique design concept and creativity, through the combination with design, manufacturing and construction in the field of cutting-edge technology, southern California aviation, automobile and film industry services.

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