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probably did not have any animation movies recently, like the big fish, such as the way to arouse everyone's curiosity and expectations. After 12 years of production, release time delayed … … but in the end still can not avoid the story pale criticism. Although the director also said that China has 30 years without a good animation. I hope that the next generation of Chinese animation can see. "According to some recent crudely made domestic animation," big fish "Begonia picture really fine too, but obviously decades ago Chinese cartoons but stunning the world ah.

of Japanese animation father Osamu Tezuka after seeing the WAN Laiming "Princess Iron Fan", he gave up the doctor's occupation, picked up a paintbrush, vowed to do a movie like "Princess Iron Fan" as well as animation, from now on open the Japanese animation era.

"for Osamu Tezuka and Wan Laiming together paintings

again and see some of today's domestic animation is …

is the domestic animation the correct way to open it! The

memory of the domestic animation is so beautiful "

havoc (1961) director:

strong> < / / Tang Cheng Wan Wong

writer Li Keruo Wan Wong

according to the classical masterpiece "journey to the west" in the story. It is difficult to imagine that this is the work of 40 years. Now this is the large, Wan's director, Zhang Guangyu's translation of classic design, dubbing, the shadow factory of the open sets, veteran soldiers and able captains, called heyday.

"was not made by the computer, a paintbrush in hand. Generally speaking, 10 minutes of animation to draw 7000 to 10 thousand original animation. 50 minutes of "naotiangong" on the set and 70 minute set, only drawing time spent nearly two years.

"naotiangong" in Sun Wukong in the yellow coat, tiger waist skirt, red pants, feet a pair of black boots, neck also wore a green scarf, director Wan Wong with eight words of praise he is brave and vigorous in good out of a bandbox. "".

reference Dunhuang murals image in the animation of the magnificent seven fairy.

nine color deer (1981) director:

/ a

money Jiajun Tetsuro writer pan Xiezi

Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang, preserved ancient surname artist painted countless unknown treasures, this cartoon tells, is one an ancient and beautiful story of art. The story is simple but not simple, good and evil, is the only way that can carry form Dunhuang Buddha rhyme feeling gorgeous.

"I fall to earth auspicious, mountains far to swing me back. The misty clouds, Penglai is the hometown of "

-" I will be nine color deer to nine color deer. "

" on the animation based on the Dunhuang murals "deer Bensheng map", the painting is the creation of the Northern Wei Dynasty era.

mumbo-jumbo Tan (1983): /

director Wang Shuchen

writer Wang Shuchen Yun Dakota money / bag bud

had a good script, the film is half success. "Mumbo-jumbo Tan" is the predecessor of Luo Guanzhong's "Pingyaozhuan", after the creators carefully adapted the fantasy novels transformed into a fairy tale full of wit and humour. It has ups and downs, fascinating story.

"mumbo-jumbo Tan" with exquisite meticulous artistic style, and effects of "Wu School" throughout the film, mountains, fields, ponds, willow, temples, Palace Street, etc., or both thick and heavy in colours is an understatement is with the style of the film with a create a seamless heavenly robe, picturesque ancient Jiangnan landscape.

to the

(1989) director: Runnan / Liu Huiyi

wrote: Ouyang Yuping / Hu Zhaohong / Fred oder · preussler

this elaborate puppet once many audience that is imported, but is worthy of the name of domestic animation, "rogue" adapted from the German oder Fred • preussler literary masterpiece, completed in 1989 by the Shanghai art studios animated cartoons, has been a popular children's favorite puppet animation.

"I'm a thief, what is not afraid of life more comfortable all day, he. "

" witty Kasper and buddy Zuopeier.

"when the desire is to dream of such a coffee mill, is also a music box.

the story of Affandi (1980) director:


with screenwriter

Ling's "Affandi's story" is the Shanghai animation film studio in 1980 issued a puppet animation film. By Liu Huiyi, who served as director of the evening of two people. Taking legend Affandi as the protagonist, the whole animated film is divided into ten small story. Affandi was riding a donkey funny and humorous image and he makes people laugh joke, not only China Uygur people and the people of all ethnic groups known to every family, Chinese is also very familiar with.

"for the image of Affandi, the crew creative staff two times to go to Xinjiang to collect the depth of life, the story of Affandi, looking for Affandi's prototype, finally made this only in written and oral. The characters are specific and vivid image.

"love world gravamen, to breathe out for the poor".

"Affandi makes the greedy and stupid Vajpayee, King".


snowboy: director Lin Wen Xiao

wrote: Ji Hong

this is probably a lot of people's childhood a pure heart sad dream, hope every winter snow, colorful, can touch the snow the child. The one in white clothes and my red hat. Spend the beautiful, cold winter with me. In order to save the children in order to save the white rabbit into a bay of water, but it is such a sad story, let the childhood we have a very deep feeling.

"on the soft snow, walking in the fields of happiness. The day is very cold, but the heart is warm as summer.

"as a simple truth can be touched by a pure heart, everyone's mind is occupied by a child, particularly vulnerable and innocent close.

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