Hebei floods killed 114 people rose to 111 people missing

Victims Hebei flood disaster reserve fee

xinhuawang· 2016-07-23 18:11:20

Hebei official: Xingtai floods have caused 9 dead 11 missing

[Hebei province has led to the death toll rose to 114 people 111 people missing] according to the Hebei Department of civil affairs, 18 as of today, Hebei province's 11 districts in 149 county (city, district), Xinji city and Dingzhou city were affected, the affected population of 9 million 40 thousand people, 114 people died, 111 people missing, 52 thousand and 900 houses collapsed and damaged 155 thousand houses. (CCTV reporter Qianjiang)

[Hebei] flood victims rose to 105 people according to the Hebei provincial Civil Affairs Department issued disaster relief office on July 23rd in the afternoon news, as of 23 May 14, Hebei Province, 11 municipalities and 150 counties (cities, districts) affected and Dingzhou City, Xinji City, the affected population of 8 million 933 thousand and 900 people, the death tolls the number rises to 105, the number of missing to 104 people.

Xinhua news agency in Shijiazhuang on 23 July, (reporter Yang Fan) reporter from the Hebei provincial Civil Affairs Department learned that on the 23 day 12, so before the continuous heavy rainfall caused flood and landslide and debris flow disasters in Hebei Province, the death toll reached 72 people, 78 people lost contact.

as of 12, 23, Hebei Province, 150 districts and counties (cities, districts) and Dingzhou City, city, Xinji City, due to floods and floods, the affected population of 8 million 556 thousand people. The country has evacuated 298 thousand and 500 people, 49033 houses collapsed and damaged 106373 houses, crops affected area of 707 thousand and 400 hectares, an area of 27 thousand and 700 hectares of crops.

22, the Hebei provincial government to use the reserve funds, hit Shijiazhuang, Xingtai, Handan City, the provincial emergency allocated 105 million yuan in relief funds, mainly for the protection of the basic livelihood of the affected people, the relevant departments in accordance with the relevant provisions of emergency response, emergency disaster relief allocated to the provincial budget 36 million yuan, 1000 tents towels are 9000 and 600 pairs of boots, 20 generating units have also been allocated in disaster areas.

at present, the National Disaster Reduction Committee, Ministry of Civil Affairs Working Group rushed to the flood disaster in the disaster area - Handan City, Wuan City, Cixian, Shexian County and Shijiazhuang city Jingxing County site to check disaster nuclear disaster, to guide disaster relief work.

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