The guy killed hundreds of residents off duty pumping night

Neighborhood rainy night guy duty

tengxunwang· 2016-07-23 18:11:25

recently, Hebei Shijiazhuang heavy rain the night a small duty pumping area died in the pipeline well. In July 22nd, hundreds of people spontaneously farewell good "old iron" finally. Peter/ IC (from the East: Tencent

old iron Book Gold Tiecheng, born 1981, is an ordinary residential households in Shijiazhuang kaida. Two days ago, Shijiazhuang heavy rain hit the city. In order to prevent rainwater intrusion live nearby households in the basement of his obligations to pipeline wells. The old iron began continuous fighting after midnight from 19 pm until 20 in the morning, 7, was found drowned in the accident wells neighbors. For cell monitoring to record Jin Tiecheng's last moments, Jin Tiecheng (right) in the morning rain sewage wells dunshou. Class= img_box "

" map for neighbors to rescue the old iron monitor screen.

a team of up to more than and 400 people out of the funeral procession slowly from Shijiazhuang to open up areas, these people shouting "old iron! Have a safe trip home. Good brother! Have a safe trip home. "Jin Tiecheng"! Have a safe trip home. Thorough the people shouting earthquake ".

from the residents learned that in the hearts of the people, the old iron was a "Huo Leifeng" character, insist on helping others more than ten years, thousands of family moved. He was only 35 years old small family homes gave their precious lives for you, leaving a less than two years old son and wife in the family way.

old iron is known to all the village Kaida considerate and warmhearted. Help the old iron district where there are difficulties for the elderly, help you free maintenance of electrical appliances, as early as five or six years ago, the old iron loaded on to the small expense monitoring system, continuous monitoring at several days, finally captured the thief deeds so that the neighbors never forget. "He has the habit of helping others. "Liu Guangyi said with emotion.

old iron family was not wealthy, he was born in a rural Heilongjiang Hegang, in Shijiazhuang when the driver to a private mister. Old iron mother Guo Yaqin came all the night from the northeast. Old iron to send away the last moment, the old iron mother a few degrees collapsed in the ground, the son of a sudden left to let her can not accept.

belly of his wife Yao Liping Jin Tiecheng in farewell to the old iron body, too sad, faint cry in the chair. Yao Liping has no formal work, the entrance of the milk station owner on the original iron was not good, put the milk station to the Yao Liping family. It is understood that the old iron couple's house is a loan to buy, still about 400000 yuan mortgage is not yet.

old iron Memorial site.

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