Nanjing Zijin Mountain international golf membership upgrade in East China City Classic membership club three sworn brothers

Classic international Nanjing golf membership

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Nanjing Zijin Mountain International Golf Club has been committed to creating more membership privileges. After Chinese tour of Zijin Mountain in Nanjing Suning real estate open a bar, 10 anniversary celebration is also coming. Zijin Mountain international golf together garden of Shanghai Qizhong golf club, Suzhou Jinji Lake International Golf Club "color: RGB style= to create international city classic golf league , create a new model for the development of golf industry.



now, three ball will heart alliance. As a founding International City League classic golf ball will shoulder the responsibility, will continue to offer more domestic and foreign top club, the growing scale of alliance, let members enjoy more courtesy.

the future, depth of communication within the alliance members through the integration of resources and various fields, continue to improve the management level for the members of the club, to promote the further development of the golf industry.

7 21 international city classic golf league

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test operation time

2016 August 1st

exclusive rights

alliance club members, with their own club membership or a household membership (except youth members), can enjoy every 8 times in the League hitting the ball right and enjoy the union club treatment.


Nanjing Zijin Mountain International Golf Club

club is the predecessor of the Ministry of foreign affairs of the government of the Republic of China to build a "suburban Golf Course", covers an area of 3671 mu, with 27 holes of the international tournament standard Stadium (18 hole floodlit), a large 80 dozen practice field; supporting the Sofitel Zijin Mountain Residence Golf. Adhere to the "pure membership management, to create a distinguished private space, to create the perfect way of life.

location: stadium is located in Shandong Zijin Mountain, from the highway exit is only 10 minutes drive from the Nanjing high-speed railway station only 20 minutes drive from downtown Nanjing is only 15 minutes.

design and management team: Gary Player was designed by the Black Knight, to EDSA, Baer Lin and WATG company jointly build the world's top team. The

contest :

2013 hosting the second Asian Youth Games

2014 held the second Summer Youth Olympic Games held in

2016 China Tour - Suning real estate Nanjing Zijin Mountain open

< strong> won the :

- Chinese PARKnSHOP golf course sixth

- China court best five diamond club, best five diamond stadium

- the most popular luxury golf Club

- World Golf Club

- almost match specified stadium industry contribution award - ten -

championship golf course in Jiangsu province

gold membership - landmark Stadium Stadium -

tournament -

with best business club

- Best caddie service best green maintenance

. garden of Shanghai Qizhong Golf Club

was founded in 1995, the ball will be opened in October 1999. 2011 10, the moon will be closed for renovation, re opened in July 2013. 18 hole championship level course. />

: about 25 minutes away from Hongqiao, about 20 minutes away from Xujiahui airport, from Pudong International Airport about 50 minutes to reach the stadium.

design team: the domestic senior design master Lu Jun, world-renowned golf design company Dana (Dana FryGolf Design Limited) fry fry and chief designer designer Dana (DANA FRY) combined transformation. In accordance with the layout of the lake, 60 thousand meters of water drainage pipeline 15 minutes of rapid drainage.

management team: Ryder Sports Development Co. Ltd. The

contest :

2014 Buick women's Tournament Championship tournament

2015 Buick

2016 Buick />


2012~2013 won the golf magazine China will play golf Awards: Chinese ten new stadium

- 2013 Asian Golf: Asia Pacific top ten new stadium

2014~2015 Golf masters: Chinese Golf awards

- 2015 Chinese 100: Chinese 100 Golf Court

Suzhou Jinji Lake International Golf Club

: located in the core of the industrial park in Suzhou, is a landmark of Suzhou city landmark golf club. />

: Club special invitation to one of the three World Golf kings, with a black knight, said the Player Gary master personally designed.


2010 VOLVO China contest open

won the :

- Chinese ten Golf Club  

Chinese - ten

- ten Chinese Golf Club Championship venue -

gold membership service

- Asia Pacific

- 30 Chinese stadium best maintenance will play better at

- best restaurant features

- Gold Award the court of environmental protection

- Gold membership at

- Jiangsu city landmark court by the best

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today's content, please pay attention to

to be as" high-tech slaves ", 7 new push rod must start

Nanjing Zijin Mountain international golf membership upgrade China classic membership City Club

Golf Master micro signal five days before the

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