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dancers might ask themselves: "how would Michael Jackson look at my dance steps?" The boxers will ask: "Ali would like my right hook?" So as a designer, we will ask ourselves, "PaulRand will feel my Logo design?" I believe, as long as read throughout, you will know that PaulRand on your Logo is optimistic about the.

PaulRand is a American art director and graphic designer, the famous Logo, UPS, IBM works with Enron, Morningstar, Inc, Westinghouse, ABC and SteveJobs NeXT.

SteveJobs had spent $100000 invited PaulRand NeXT Logo computer design, even if this approach is not Jobs mind, Rand still offers only one program. Style=

when SteveJobs asked him if he could offer more options, his answer was, "no," he said. I will solve the problem for you, and you will pay for this solution. Of course you don't have to accept this way, if you really want to have a few programs that can predict."

Rand finally submitted a 100 page manual for details of the brand, which include a precise angle Logo tilt (28 degrees) and the new name of the company NeXT.

Rand as the standard of the test the Logo changed the global Logo design concept:

a Logo role is to facilitate the identification, which is simple for achieving this goal the way...... Its effectiveness depends on its uniqueness, visibility, adaptability, memory, universality, and can achieve the classic.

above the Paul-Rand 7 step test method to evaluate a Logo is introduced, we introduce the concrete which is 7 steps:

if it is unique?

does it have visibility?

does it have adaptability?

does it easy to remember?

does it have universal?

is it a classic not to be out of date? Style=

when you have the answer to these 6 questions are sure, it is time to ask the final question: is it simple? Style= word-wrap: "break-word font-size:; 16px line-height:; 1.8em

in addition to the last question, the score for each question is 1-10, the last question is 1-15. This formula will help us to find the Logo key, scoring 75 points or more for satisfaction, the following 60 points can be considered abandoned.


determine whether a test effective way for the best, then we will take the Microsoft search engine on the Bing version of Logo to test.

the BingLogo was discontinued and revised on September 2013, for obvious reasons, we use 7 step evaluation of me. Style=

1. does it have unique characteristics? Style=

as any graphic without Logo, so the font role must bear a lot of pressure, because all brands can only rely on it to convey information. However, the font design does not show any unique. Although the wide type fonts used many spaces, but still feel that all the letters are crowded together, especially around the letter "I".

" g "angle curve of the breakpoint appears to be more abrupt, and felt cold and incomplete.

" g "on the upper right side of the small ears if more carefully, it will look like a bald man with hair, it makes me think of the age......

(3 points / 10 score)

2.;" whether it has visibility? Style= word-wrap: "break-word

this Logo space is very large, so it has high visibility. However, a lot of designers in the design of Logo are from black and white version of the start, aimed at making the visibility is not affected by the color. When Bing Logo converted to black and white pattern, "I" * * dots almost disappeared and the dot represents the brand individuality. So, be sure to make sure your Logo has a good visual effect in black and white.

(6 points / total score 10) style=

3. is it adaptive?

adaptability means that Logo can have a good performance in various application situations such as: T-shirts, mugs, online media, trucks, signs etc..

in our case, Bing Logo contains enough space, so that it almost in any case can be identified. But the only problem is that it does not apply to a square or other elongated type of layout. Logo in the text over to the horizontal extension, such as mobile applications and browser address bar in the small sign can not achieve good results. Perhaps from the letter "B" is feasible, but in this way, they lost the uniqueness of Logo, because only the letter "B" is too bland.

(5 points / total score 10) style=

4. it is easy to remember? Style=

a Logo's ultimate goal is not to be forgotten. Style=

so, when people need the service you provide, you will immediately think of your Logo. We can test this by word association. Vocabulary association is the first thing you think of when you hear or see anything or figure. Everyone on the following Logo to

I found these: beer, chips and car. Did these Logo contain "beer", "potato chips" and "cars"? No, they don't need it. Because these Logo have a strong recognition and memory.

in our case, Bing Logo did not appear in the" search engine ", the new version of Logo solution to this point is very interesting, we will see in the next article. Style=

(2 points / 10 score)

5.;" whether it is universal?

the universal significance of Logo is that the meaning of brand for all kinds of people are the same. this may be the most difficult part of the Logo design, because everyone's ideas are different. What are the best global brands to do?

Google uses color:

Apple Corp use the common fruit all over the world and neutral color:

note: Apple Corp Logo don't even need any words can be identified in this universality was exemplary.

(4 points / 10 score)

6.;" it is a classic is not out of date?

to remember, the design of a timeless Logo, the first principle is to refuse to use the most popular color, the most dazzling font or the coolest style. Fashion as yet the sun also rises amidst the winds of change, but the sky is always blue. Find the core elements of the design, discard excess modification. Minimalist art essence is: less is more.

Bing in the old version of Logo to avoid excessive decoration and short-term popular is good enough, but a round appearance but in concept of leading industry on the opposite effect.

(6 points / 10 score)

7.;" a key question: whether it is simple? A Logo

PaulRand said that is the epitome of minimalism. Style= word-wrap: "break-word font-size:; 16px

"a Logo if there is no simple and self-control, there is no possibility of survival." Style= word-wrap: "break-word font-size:; 16px

there are two practical criteria can help you measure whether Logo is due to the simplicity: make it much smaller, and then put much. Logo a good design should have readability, and no matter what size are beautiful.

in ten in a pencil Logo. If this is very easy to do, then you will have a sufficiently simple Logo. Style= word-wrap: "break-word font-size:; 16px

the market value of $150 million enterprises with such a small hook expression the sports shoes and the Greek goddess of victory. The Logo is regarded as a classic. Style=

Logo Bing at this point the effect is not ideal. Although it did not convey a striking or profound meaning, but it retains the simplicity of. There is a point worth noting: excessive simplicity may cause under consideration and boring impression.

to design simple and intuitive and boring in search of balance, we must analyze the brand story and backstepping. Style= word-wrap: "break-word

(10 points / 15 score)

BingLogo all scores, total:


> unique visual memory of 2

adaptive 5

universal 4


classic simplicity (total score 15) 10

score: 36

36 points explains why Microsoft released the Logo as a Logo, its function is still qualified, however Can not play a long-term effect.

Bing style=" version of the Logo

" g "curve into a smile (which spans all cultural barriers).

newly added icon strongly conspicuous, to leave the text with breathing space.

design into the subtle changes (such as: "B" at the top of the slight slope), to convey the "light search" brand story. Style=

Logo PaulRand test can be used for any Logo. We are here to Bing as an example to give you a reference, and now it's your turn. Your Logo score is high or low? />

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