2016Cadence17.2 new technology seminar to invite you to participate

Technical seminar

yingdan· 2016-07-23 19:44:19

modern electronic product replacement fast, the product design cycle are becoming more demanding. In order to improve the design efficiency and shorten the design cycle, the co design and Simulation of the chip, the package and the circuit board has become the main design process and method of the enterprise. How to achieve cross platform, cross sectoral, cross technology manufacturing and other areas of the system, the organic design and simulation automation has been a lot of design, simulation personnel and enterprise management problems faced by.

Cadence in China district as Comtech agents, we invite you to participate in the "  2016 Cadence SPB 17.2 Symposium". The new software support Flex PCB design; multi mode Team Design; copper function optimization and upgrading; increasing the RAVEL two development tools; further integration with Sigrity, can be called directly PCB data view report; increased EDM/CIP/ODE/Panel Editor/DFM Checker/PCB Productivity Toolbox module, module function more will share with you in the meeting.

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EMC simulation and Design Analysis Engineer
CAD engineer and manager of


meeting schedule

2016   July 22nd (Friday) 9:00-17:00  Evergreen Resort Hotel Jiaosi Shanghai
RGB (89, 89, 89); font-size: 14px; line-height: 28px; >    July 26, 2016 (Tuesday); 9:00-17:00  Sentosa Hotel Shenzhen (jade shop)

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team   CS  PCB    game; cooperative design

signal integrity analysis and design to achieve the rapid development of

Power Integrity Analysis and design to achieve the rapid development of

high-speed serial signal, parallel signal design methods and experience of

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two floor Title   3 

color: RGB (0, 0, 0);" > address: Shanghai Pudong New Area Zuchongzhi road   1136    subway;   2;   Jinke Road station line;
phone: 02 1-80169988

Beijing - Wangfujing Huayuan Hotel (three fortune   2 

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Beijing Haidian District Zhichun Road   25  10    / subway; subway line Zhichun Road station;   13  line Zhichun Road station  

Sentosa Hotel (Shenzhen jade shop The four floor

Shenzhen city Nanshan District Jinji road   1 ,, Tian Xia Jade Pearl Garden / subway line No. (  1  Lo Po line Taoyuan Railway Station)   B 
telephone: 0755-26390888

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Comtech Digital Technology



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Chinese largest intelligent hardware innovation business platform
collection   10000+ 
  connection; 8000+ supply chain vendor
800 + 

let the world not difficult to do the hardware

on hard eggs, a wave of intelligent hardware free public test

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2016Cadence17.2 new technology seminar to invite you to participate

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