Give me a break; orz! Sugar circle will sing Jolin and God: the proportion of real bride cake

Bride cake singing Jolin

xinlangyule· 2016-07-23 20:46:45

recently made: bride cake.

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completely real proportion!!! />

ask you to accept it!

she personally Niechu head, hands, and the white stars on the decoration and the bouquet.

doubt you do sugar level for you Lynn? Style= line-height: "25.6px

almost professional players!

doubled over the years of work, there is always a let you terrified. Style=

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did Wu Zetian sugar.

this garments of this hair, also more delicate point?

bring their sugar Works of a variety of "bribery" friends.

JJ Lin to do the new tour, she was JJ to create exclusive "sugar doll".

last year pig birthday she and send "golden shoes" sugar cake as a gift.

and pig together in the former agent's birthday party, made the "Remy Martin" bottle cake.

on the bottle plug fire, a fire can ignite! Style=

Jin Rong last year at age 31, Jolin personally do see Fondant Cake consists of 9 small yellow people, good will show affection!

this year's Golden Melody Awards, as a guest of Jolin and made sugar cup to candidate female singer.

finalists each have!!!

to Jolin, you say, you are

Du Jiang's son, er hum, appeared at the airport, and recorded

Du Jiang's son, er hum, appeared at the airport, and recorded "where's daddy?"

Allen Lin's wife in the three generations of the family, | small cute...