Microsoft good embarrassing: business love Windows10, the staff but love Windows7

Microsoft Windows

kuqiwang· 2016-07-23 22:01:25

        according to the data of global Windows Microsoft announced their 10 system installed capacity (including PC and mobile) exceeded 350 million units, the free upgrade strategies affect consumer is one of the main force, but more and more enterprises have joined the wave of upgrade. According to the latest Spiceworks survey report IT administrators have begun to upgrade Windows 10, or at least have the plan.

    > ;     38% of respondents said the migration of Windows 10 system has been completed, so the prediction of Windows 10 on the line the first year there are about 40% of the company will complete the migration in the report. Companies with more than 250 employees are often the first to upgrade to the new system, while larger companies are still waiting for major updates, and the upcoming anniversary may be a good opportunity to update.

        many enterprises to join the Windows 10 wave, but 69% of the respondents admitted that while Windows 10 has been incorporated into the company's option, many employees will still choose Windows 7 system, the main reason is that most familiar with the operating system. With the end of the Windows 7 system in 2020, some companies have been ahead of schedule to upgrade the program.

        Prime Electric IT Joe Kinne said the company administrator employees will choose Windows 7 system, because the Windows 10 system has brought many new features and some employees fear will occupy more time.

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