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7 15, 360 cell phone N4S has just made a debut, many of the same as I have been impressed by 360 of the users have been moved to. Originally thought that 360 is a typical technical school, read the old wish of the conference speech and feel that in fact, 360 mobile phones have been talking about feelings. This may be because the new equipped with 360 OS 2 system has added a lot of intimate features. But I can think of the property, privacy, information, travel guards and other security functions, even advocating "anti addiction", mobile phone function down a mobile phone call you put the mobile phone, it is to let a person cry. />

now the phone is not just a tool, but also a life partner, people with the phone's close dependence or even more than friends and family. At the same time, cell phone disease, bow family, cell phone dependency side effects also followed. It is reported that the average Chinese leisure time is 2.55 hours every day, and 1/3 of them are playing mobile phones. 40 - 20 year old Chinese cervical disease incidence rate also increased by 40%. There is a popular language, the world's most remote distance, is that I sit in front of you, but you are playing mobile phone. "It is a picture of the embarrassing situation. 360 soon GET to this dilemma, the launch of the "anti indulgence" function is thus made, or how to say people talking about feelings.

; "it is understood that the 360 mobile phone N4S health guard, full use of mobile phone user can record data for scientific analysis, to provide comprehensive health data report. And give reasonable suggestions, so that users can manage the use of mobile phone scientific time, improve the quality of life and efficiency. In fact, before the

here, I went to the mobile phone to me already consciousness, and begin to pay attention to a reasonable allocation of time, but my family to complain but did not decrease, child complained that did not feel my presence. After using the 360 mobile N4S health guardian, through the view of the use of data, and finally found the problem. Data show that I sometimes use the mobile phone in the office of the family, sending and receiving e-mail, sometimes brush WeChat, or even playing games. In this regard, the health guards to help me make a scientific analysis, and real time to remind and supervise me, I can also be mandatory in the time required to lock the machine, only to accept some of the important calls. With the health of the guardian, hope for a period of time, really can slowly quit the cell phone". In addition, 360 mobile phone N4S also concerned about the care of patients who do not want to sleep". Found from the user survey, there is a large dial crowd, even if no matter also looked at the mobile phone refused to sleep, dubbed "reluctant to sleep", syndrome lead to long-term stay up late, rest time disorder. 360OS2.0 can set the sleep time to remind, to form the habit of getting up early, this function helps to enhance the quality of life.

is perhaps because the 360 company chairman Zhou Hongyi has always insisted that will achieve the ultimate user experience, but also "internal assessment 360 mobile phone users", the company will do mobile phone development of the "anti addiction", advocate let the user down mobile phone, this sounds fantastic function.

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How can let you put down the phone it may be able to

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