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when you have a problem with iPhone, what would you do? If the iPhone in the warranty period, because some of the fault can be free replacement, so you may choose to Apple after-sales processing, but actual situation is most fault and can not be free to solve. For example: the man-made fault of some mobile phone, this situation in after-sales maintenance repair costs are normally relatively expensive. If your iPhone is not in the warranty, you may choose to repair the third party maintenance businesses, but also need a small maintenance costs.

iPhone 5 recovery failure mode (photograph from Sina microblogging)

1, iPhone jailbreak, "restore all settings" or "erase all content and settings. Restart to stay at the white apple. IPhone,

2 jailbreak, through the phone directly to the firmware update, there is "crash" of the situation.

3, is using the iPhone, does not abnormal operation, the sudden emergence of "storage", after the restart can not boot.

4, iPhone is being used, not abnormal operation, suddenly entered the recovery mode, and can not exit.

5, in fact many fault may be software problems caused by (in without knocking, water, can not boot, play video without sound and other issues), and give precedence to brush to repair, if the fault cannot be repaired by brush can continue to check the hardware fault. Class= "img_box" id= "

iTunes brush machine

maintenance program: brush machine repair through iTunes. < brush tutorial: http://4g.zol.com.cn/573/5731946.html

maintenance difficulty index:]]]]]

"hardware" fault:

when the iPhone when a fault occurs, we can use iTunes brush to repair or obviate the problem of software and software troubleshooting and hardware maintenance.

note: the following maintenance operations need to be dealt with in the shutdown condition.

1, iPhone to charge or slow charging

suddenly aware of the iPhone does not charge or slow charging, and not a software or hardware failure, but because lightning charging interface is blocked by debris and interface surface into some lint, dust, etc., will lead to the emergence of the above conditions.

cleaning lightning charging interface of debris

maintenance program: with a pair of tweezers (toothpicks, "needle" etc.) to remove the debris in the interface.

2, iPhone receivers, loudspeakers, the sound more and more small

in the use of mobile phones, and slowly find to the phone's speaker and a speaker sound more and more small, even if the sound is adjusted to a maximum, is still not very clear, in fact, when this happens, you should think is not the receiver or a loudspeaker inside go in too much dust.

clear speaker dust

maintenance program: recommended by professional brush of earphone or loudspeaker mouth for clean, if there is no professional brush, toothbrush and a good alternative tools.

3, iPhone when the charge remaining a lot of time (such as the remaining 20% of the electricity) is automatically shut down, do not switch on the mobile phone but insert the charger will appear after the

"white apple" and other failures in fact, which may cause the battery fault, detrimental to battery consumption seriously, the chargers do not match will cause the occurrence of the situation.

maintenance program: replace the battery. < p > maintenance difficulty index:]]]]] < replacement battery process: (this time to disassemble the iPhone se cells as an example to explain the iPhone 5 or more models of the iPhone Battery Replacement. IPhone 4 and 4S iPhone except, 4/4s iPhone battery replacement is relatively simple, screw off the bottom two screws, the phone back to push up, screw off the fixed battery screws, you can remove the battery for replacement.

to remove two screws at the bottom of the

(1) to remove the iPhone at the bottom of the 2 star five angle

(2) open the screen using cups open the screen (screen opens a small amplitude, note that the Touch ID connection line, only iPhone SE and iPhone 5S iPhone; other models do not need to pay attention to here);

disconnect Touch ID connection line

(3) iPhone SE/5s to disconnect the Touch ID connection line; 6-iPhone 6S (iPhone Plus Touch ID and screen Cable together, this step is slightly off).

to remove the battery buckle baffle at

(4) remove the battery fastening screws at off baffle; (note that the length of the screw installation, avoid wrong screw position)

remove the

screen (5) to be on the safe side, remove the screen, remove the screws at the screen cable after remove the plate, with a crowbar to disconnect the cable connection; (installation should not mistake the screw corresponding to the position, such as Fruit may be caused by a mistake.

this chart for reference only removing the battery (the actual situation is not need to remove the motherboard)

(6) from iPhone 5C, the viscosity of the fixed battery large easy to glue fixed, Yinyila glue easily broken, broken dismantling difficulty will increase after the opening, so pull pull glue, slowly pull, flat angle pull;

this chart for reference only (without the actual situation remove the motherboard)

(7) an adhesive is pulled out, the battery can be taken out, To replace the new battery;

(8) finally, in accordance with the "reduction" mobile phone assembly disassemble step.

4, iPhone speakers silent, do not charge, headphones socket contact poor fault

iPhone speaker, USB interface, earphone socket etc. are integrated in the lightning connector (tail plug cable) on, so the problem may be lightning connector damage caused by.

iPhone se lightning connector (tail plug cable)

maintenance program: the replacement of lightning connector.

replace the Lightning connector process:

repeat replacement battery (1) - (5); "img_box" id=

this chart for reference only (without the actual situation remove the motherboard battery) and

(6) Lightning disconnect the connector, remove a few screws fixed on the Lightning connector, then you can remove the speaker;

Lightning connector heating slightly back

(7) to remove the Lightning connector after heating, suggesting a slight tearing, can make Using the hair dryer heating, if there is no hair dryer can not heating, but to slowly remove; (if you can determine the lightning connector is bad, the demolition "unbridled" it anyway)

this chart for reference only (actual situation does not need to open under the motherboard and battery)

(8) to install the new lightning connector; < p > (9) finally, according to disassemble step "reduction" mobile phone assembly.

5, receiver no sound, front camera failure, video (pre) call without a microphone, telephone not black screen failure.

the software problems caused by and may be accessories or motherboard problem, excluded by the brush method is not a software failure, most likely is "front camera cable" appeared breakdown.

maintenance program: the replacement of "front camera cable".

iPhone SE

< strong>

(6) at the top of the screen close-up on the screen removed "front camera cable" on the part of a few (2-3 a) take screw. Under the baffle; "img_box" id= class=

< /p> "remove the front camera cable"

(7) carefully remove the "front camera cable";

"front camera cable" (the integration of multiple features Components)

(8) to replace the "small camera cable";

6, add and subtract the volume button failure, vibration fiddly, a starting up key is not good, the rear camera video recording without recording sound and flash light and so on.

the problems mentioned above, may is the external accessories power cable or the volume keys cable is damaged, the iPhone 4-iPhone se the power key and the volume keys and other functions integrated in a cable, and iPhone 6-iPhone 6S plus power line and volume keys and other functions were integrated in the two cables.

maintenance program: the replacement of power cable or cable volume keys.

maintenance: * * * * difficulty index,


rear camera (6) remove the motherboard before, must first remove the main camera (the fixed screws and the baffle, after removing the screws removed, and then remove the camera) a few screws to fix the motherboard, take out SIM card holder, disconnect the Lightning connector, you can remove the motherboard, then remove the battery (see the battery replacement method of removing the battery;

removing power cable or cable

volume keys (7) to remove the motherboard, battery, power cable show in front of a few screws, then removed the fixed power cable or cable volume keys, the need to observe carefully, ensure all the screws removed;

(8) and then slowly pull the cable, use tweezers assisted removal;

(9) replace the power cable or the volume of the new key cable; finally, according to the

(10) According to disassemble step "reduction" assembly of mobile phone.

in above the cable replacement process, we can also through the speaker, receiver, vibration devices and other accessories for replacement to fix a faulty. Replace the

actually, iPhone some "external parts" is not everybody imagination of so difficult, only need the internal structure of the simple understanding of the iPhone, disassemble carefully, careful observation parts structure and fixed. Many "external accessory" problem, we can own replacement, in the disassembly process must remember each screw corresponding to the position. If you can't remember the location of the corresponding to the screw, a screw to the location sketch painting do for reference, in the installed to convenient assembly.

a iPhone 5S Lightning connector Bao (tail plug cable) price

a third party service platform price

mobile phone repair replacement parts the good is the biggest "silver", for example: iPhone 5S Lightning connector (replacing tail plug cable accessories) only tens of dollars of money, the author selected a price of more expensive businesses, iPhone 5S tail plug cable price is 45 yuan, postage and with tools, of course cheaper; if you choose to repair businesses, through the price comparison, as a result, their maintenance than taking home maintenance and maintenance Save money. Understand these maintenance skills, when you use the iPhone a small failure, you will do it yourself?

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